The 3rd Strike Online Edition Video Thread

Here’s where you all should post the YouTube videos of your matches. Yes, it’s a fantastic feature to have in 3SOE, but it’s not fantastic to spam a thread that has formerly held videos of great skill from all over the world.

Get ta poastin. Also, if you wish to have feedback on your play let us know and I’m sure someone kind and knowledgeable will critique your video. Ready, set, LEARN

My first replay I felt comfortable in saving. I have never played 3s before in my life and bought this edition yesterday, trained like a madman with the trials, watched Oro videos of japanese players, and got raped in online matches. However I think I did pretty well in this vid, I can’t believe I managed to do a chickenleg juggle into ex rocks in the last round, made me feel hype! =)


Criticism is ofcourse welcome, but keep in mind I barely started playing.

best one i found yet.


For Warlike-

When you learn the unblockable (and SAII in general) you’ll want SAII for this match.

Also you want to get out of the habit of just walking up and trying the chicken combo. When that gets blocked by a mediocre+ player you will get punished hard. Instead you can do close MP (2 hits), and if it isn’t blocked, walk up mp (1 hit) SJC (super jump cancel) to jump HK. That is one option- you can also follow up the 2 hit MP with standing HK, or MP uppercut, or go for a reset etc etc.

Once you are able to do it you can follow the mp 2 hit with walk up mp (1 hit) and cancel to super.

It’s a nice start though, you’ve already realized you need to actually be mobile instead of trying to play him like Guile.

how do you upload a vid to youtube? I’m on xbox, i pressed upload to youtube, but it didnt specify where it was uploaded.

The juggle at the end of that was sick. Nice one.

I’ve never posted a video of myself playing, but here goes nothing. Any help is welcome! I’m the Makoto player.


Here’s another of me vs. a Remy.


Wow, real aggressive style. I like it.

funny video but more important why does yours look 20x better than every other upload? did you capture that yourself?

yeah, i use the Hauppauge to capture em.

I just want to share this because it was my very first match (on OE.) And it was EXACTLY what I expected OE to be when I started playing online. Me = Hugo.[media=youtube]tSsNxKepNj4[/media]

Good blocking in the first round. Just look at how many delicious whiffed srks you can earn.

Now get to training and learn how to punish those hard. You can do HP clap, LP clap, SAIII, or end that with ex clothesline, MP, or crouch MK if you don’t have the meter. Or HP SPD. Or pretty much anything.

Also that whiffed clap in round one was nice, next time input an SPD after that. Not every time, but you’ll catch people that you’ve scared into blocking often.

Finally- Hugo’s taunt increases his defense, and it stacks. If someone is being a dickhead that wants to throw fireballs from the other side of the screen, treat them to a powered up Hugo.

Heh. I know. I had only been playing Hugo for a couple days. Plus playing on OE felt wonky so punishing was off. I was also not used to the startup time on claps for wakeups but getting there. Well, sort of… playing Oro again atm… anyways thanks for the comments.

Main thing I could say immediately is don’t worry so much about parrying down EX fireballs that are thrown from a range. You don’t really get much benefit from parrying them other than some slight meter build (ex fireballs don’t really do much chip either) and if you screw up the parry you get knocked down. If the Ken was better he could have ended up applying some nasty pressure afterwards. Only go for parry on EX fireballs when you’re running low on health. Otherwise keep it simple and just block.

EX fireballs done closer to you you can get a lot of benefits from after a parry/red parry but if they’re just at a distance going for standard EX fireball zone just block it down.


I’m the makoto player I need some tips Im really bad at this game.

heres a video of my day 1 urein :slight_smile:



Definitely saw you miss some punish opportunities off blocked sweeps. Your sweep should be able to punish a shoto sweep unless I’m mistaken. If not then tackle (as long as you have charge) can lead to a big punish also. Use some more of your normals like s.HP, s.MK and c.MK to disrupt the shoto low pokes.

My first uploded video: I´m the Player 2 Urien xD


In the second round, the parry in the corner, was a four parry, but the quality upload, wasn´t good enough to see =/


thanks, but when i play online i get abit nervous and i forget to do certain things, i have trouble with ureins normals anwway.
also against some ryus the tackle couldnt punish the sweep :frowning: i want to work on normals more :slight_smile: