The 3DO Version

Why didnt the 3DO version have the old characters in it? Was there a problem with storage or was their code just not compatible with the system somehow?

The 3DO used CDs, so storage wasn’t an issue. Hard to know if the 3DO had the potential to do an accurate port but honestly from what I’ve seen, it’s just a very shoddy port in general. TONS of missing frames of animation. It’s weird though, I know the 3DO had at the time some very accurate arcade translations.

Edit: Huh. According to the Super Turbo article on wikipedia the 3DO version does not completely reside in memory during the actual rounds, which results in actual loading hiccups during combat. Nasty.

Yeah I know it used cd’s, but why wouldnt they include the old characters?

I find it bad that The Nerd said it was the definitive port. Where the hell did he get his info? Maybe he didnt know about old characters.

Most people who don’t play ST competitively will base their opinions off of nostalgia or a quick youtube glance. As of right now, the “definitive” port of ST is the dreamcast version.

It was the best port until the Dreamcast version.

I think I’d rather play the PS1 port than the 3DO one.

Yeah, it being the ONLY port for a few years doesnt mean it should be glorified.

Wasn’t the first ST port for the PC?

Oh yeah there was a DOS port, wonder how many people played that.

I still have the DOS version :smiley:

Do you have to put in different floppies for different stages?

P.S. Thats some awesome box art!

That’s awesome! So many floppies!!

Atrocious art box. It looked like a 3rd party company did it.

does 96% mean 96% arcade perfect!?

Pof, I’m going to ship you a box of floppies. I want you to make uhhh,… backups of that game… for… posterity. =)

put it up on the BBS too =)

It should be available on emuparadise and other sites like it.

That’s because a 3rd party company did do it I think? Gametek?

I used to have the PC CD-Rom version many years ago, I must have sold it at some point, damn I wish I still had it. I can barely remember what it was like gameplay-wise compared to other versions but some of the Music was pretty cool.

About the 3DO version, it amuses me that’s it got good CD-quality Music but the sound effects are like the f***ing Mega-Drive/Genesis! I’ve played it a few times on emulator (4DO) and didn’t experience any crashes.