The 360 Wireless Controller Issue

I have a pretty simple suggestion to anybody who may be setting up a console tournament on the Xbox 360. We’ve all been to tournaments where the rules explicitly say “NO WIRELESS CONTROLLERS” but there are always a couple people who just think that they know better. They just bring their USB charger cord and plug it in that’s the end of that.

But then a couple geniuses end up accidently turning their sticks on in their pockets and fucking up somebody else’s game.

Well I think I’ve figured out a solution that I haven’t seen anybody implement, so I’m gonna assume nobody knows about it… :sweat:
If you’re going to bring a wireless controller, you need a USB charger and to leave the fucking battery pack AT HOME.

Yeah, 360 controllers work without the battery pack as long as they’re plugged in.
So if event organisors can just make sure that nobody playing has a battery pack in their controller, I think the problem can officially be called solved.

I’m not positive that this method actually sync’s the controller to the console, but if that IS the case, well then motherfuckers need to learn to keep the battery pack in the fucking car.

TL;DR Version:


If this is retarded please let me know.

No, not at all IMO. Well, kind of, since most tourneys don’t even use 360s, and AFAIK, PS3 controllers don’t have an easy way to remove the batteries. But for tournaments with 360s, that shoud be a must.

And it does sync controllers to the system, but if there’s no battery pack in, it doesn’t matter. Just tell players to leave the packs at home, or have the TO hold them in a piece of rubbermaid till the player leaves, putting masking tape and the player’s name on the pack.

Yeah, well I guess it’s more of a concern for me because other than EVO, nearly all the SF4 tournaments in my area are on 360.
Having the players leave their battery packs with the organizor doesn’t seem very practical, but I guess it should just be expressly prohibited in some way or another. Ideally by not allowing players to even play the game with their battery packs in the controllers.