The 2nd United Throne Battle

So, the past couple of years Gamers Vision have released videos for the Best of Kanagawa tournament and then the top 3 would compete for Kanagawa against other prefectures like Gunma, Saitama etc.
Now I didn’t know it was much larger than this, thinking only Gunma, Saitmama and Kanagawa were in it, but there are 8 prefectures actually involved :looney:

They’ve almost finished they’re regional play-offs, with 2 left in late-Febuary and mid-March and then hopefully we’ll see the ‘War’ of these qualifying players and teams!

To help I’ve compiled a list from the information on Uriden.log for everyone :tup:

Lastly, if you happen to know where the videos for these events are or would like to share them please do so :tup: I know for instance BillyKane has the Furukawa matches :lovin:

Prefecture Play-off Results List

#1 Northeast: Furukawa AMYUJIAMU [???]
Date: 7th October 2007 | Videos
1st OUT(Q) - Qualify
2nd Makoro(CH) - Qualify
3rd ???AL? - Qualify
4th ???(GO)
5th ???(KE)
6th KSR(EL)
7th ??(KE)
8th ???(NE)

#2 GAME CAP Ibaraki: GAME CAP Huzishiro [???]
Date: 1st December 2007 | Results Chart | Videos
1st Meso(IB)
2nd Jima(DU)
3rd $(UR)

#3 Tokyo: Shinjuku GESENMIKADO [???]
Date: 2nd December 2007 | Results Charts | Videos
1st Rikimaru(CH)
2nd Raoh(CH)
3rd Kashi(KE)

#4 Gunma: Maebashi AMYUJIAMU [???]
Date: 8th December 2007 | Results Chart
1st Yama(YU)
2nd Neon(MA)
3rd ??(KE) ?Seki?

#5 Popy Saitama: Saitama Popy [???]
Date: 20th January 2008 | Results Chart
1st RX(UR)
2nd YSB(HU)
3rd Taoru(YU) aka Towel

#6 Chiba: Messe 102 stores Yotsukaidou [???]
Date: 27th Januray 2007 | Results Chart: None Available yet
1st Matsuken(KE)
2nd Kuroken(KE) aka Black Ken
3rd Magu(RY)

#7 Kanagawa: ???GEMAZUBIJON [???]
Date: 24th February 2008 | Results Chart | Videos
1st Tokido(CH)
2nd Ochibi(YU)
3rd Ruu(RY)

#8 Special category: Oyama Newton Store [???]
Date: 16th March 2008 | Results Chart
1st Nuki(CH)
2nd Thanatos(OR)
3rd ???(YA) = Kenzo aka KO??

2nd United Throne Battle @ Popy-Saitama
Date: 23rd March 2008

nice stuff like always shend :smiley:

edit: i cant get into any of the result charts…gives me the 403 forbidden error. O_o

Fixed the links :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing TheShend!

Who’s the Ibuki player that won in the 2nd event? Computer doesn’t display Japanese.

Translates to “mesoscale” for me.

Thank You Shend. The best as always. Is there anyway we can get a translation of the names?

??? (GO)=Mekoru
??? (NE) = Koji
?? (KE) = Flu (may need some professional translation/fixing)

Google language tools aren’t really cranking out anything usable.

So whats the final tournament called? Best of Japan? Any videos of the past years finals? =D

If you goto my youtube channel and type in ‘Gunma’, ‘Saitama’ or ‘Kanagawa’ in the Search box located within the ‘Videos’ section and click it’ll produce the previous years stuff I have.

Search one at a time though :tup:

Kouji / Kooji

Kaze would be more fitting if translated as “wind” I think.

2nd ???(CH) - Makoro
5th ???(KE) - Akita

1st ??(IB) - Meso

Thanks for the great information and data!

Wow, good information.

By the by, the 7th qualifier is the Gamer’s Vision arcade qual.

Updated with videos for the Tokyo event from December. They’d been released by Mi-Ka-Do already and I forgot I had them! Videos

lol, I love google translate. Urien = Julian.

I meant after all the quals are done, whats the tournament they go to called. Like, best of Japan? Best of Tokyo?

And if there was any videos of that final tournament. Not the “regional” finals :smiley:

Well I do in a sense, I’ve got videos of Gunma, Chiba and Saitama in a 5on5 Team Tournament from Uriden.log, which I assume now is the same thing that’s happening now, although I didn’t know better back in 2006 when those videos got released.

Just search for those terms and they’ll come up. As for the correct name for this event? I’m still unsure sorry :frowning:

The name of the event is ??? (Dai nikai touitsu ouza ketteisen) Translates as The 2nd United Throne Battle

Someone rep that man :tup:

thanks for putting it all together shend

Kanagawa held theirs today, here are the top 3 qualifying players:

**1st **Tokido(CH)
2nd Ochibi(YU)
3rd Ruu(RY)

Here’s the [url=]Results Chart[URL=“”]

I’ve updated the 1st post also with the date set for the actual main event. Just the Oyama Newton store to play and then we’ll have the final set of players :slight_smile: