The 2099 Thread

You know what it is. Marvel 2099 series’ discussion time. Currently started reading Spidey 2099 from the beginning for the first time (prior to that, I’ve only seen a few random scans from various places). I recently got a deal on the entire run, via my local shop. Got literally every single one for the low low, all in great quality, sans a few. Still readable.

I got the sudden interest to check it out because of Spidey 2099’s current Exiles appearance (he’s apart of the current roster). He’s awesome, and this series is awesome. And so, now I’m a check out the other titles. Fucking win, I say.

So, RAWR I say. The links -

I liked the books in the very beginning, especially spider-man and doom but ravage was kinda fun and punisher was very interesting. I would love if they did a 2009 library tpb project that collected it all.

I own Punisher 2099 #1. And it’s seriously lame.

Love Spider-Man 2099 since it’s written by my favorite writer Peter David. I read X-Men 2099 in the beginning but then I got bored with it. Loved the pencils in X-Men 2099 though, wasn’t feeling the story or characters.

This is why Spidey (2099) is fucking dope. Possible Spoilers -

Issue #5

Page 24
Page 25
Page 26


Scans are a no-no, chief. And 2099 was OK. Hulk 2099 was pretty trippy.

Only rules I see, specifically mention scans of recent material. Shits over 10 years old.

fair use regardless

Eh, it is pretty old and um… even though the series is being reprinted randomly in Spider-Man Family books that’s a current comic adding to my headaches (they are not up to issue #5 yet…) I’ll let it slide… Just don’t take advantage and start scanning the entire 2099 run or something. :rofl:

Thanks. ^_~ I don’t even think my scanner can do anymore. It’s probably just as old as the comics.:rofl:

I read Spidey, X-men and Punisher, and Spidey was fantastic, Punisher really got better as time went on, especially after he had the mental breakdown and became completely unhinged. Then it got pretty violent, which made the book pretty entertaining at times.

X-men never came into a book in it’s own right, and it was obsessed with creating parallel’s to the original X-men. (Cerebra has similar abilities to Xiaver, and ends up paralyzed from the waist down. A few of the mutants actually had new/unique powers, but most of it was just same old same old.

I heard Doom 2099 was a good series.

Yea it is. Right along there with Spidey’s, as the best of the original 2099 stories. Speaking of awesome, the Marvel Knights 2099 One Shits were awesome, especially Daredevil, and Mutant. I suggest you go and pick those up.

I liked spiderman and inhumans 2099

I started collecting the first few series that came out of the 2099 line, and I thought it was cool, but I lost interest…


Is Ghost Rider 2099 any good?

GR 2099 was decent, not the best and I don’t think it lasted long. 2099 was another of those early 90’s products that tried to do mullets and extreme stuff to appeal to the hardcore children of the time, while the comic was good, it was clear it wasn’t really going anywhere. Damn you extreme early 90’s!

Hulk and Doom were my favorites, Spidey was an alright read but some of the stuff didn’t gel for me. Recently Wizkidz put out a Heroclix set of them, good set to pick up.

The only thing that sucks about the 2099 in general is its ending. One aborted series and then a one shot, makes me wish for a Spider-man 2099: The End (By PAD of course) and a 2099: The End book (By Warren Ellis).


Also, 2099 wasn’t an attempt to capitalize on “extreme”, but rather it was an attempt to do the whole “Future” thing, in the wake of the sudden interest for Cyberpunk motifs, ala Blade Runner, n’ such. And it was quite successful too, for awhile. I blame bad writing for its abrupt end.

That would be cool. I’d much rather see a revitalization, or re-imagining personally though.

Still tried to be extreme, even if it wasn’t the original goal. And Mullets were indeed abound in the early 90’s, just look at Age of Apoc to get your fill lol.