Thanos Reigns

For some reason the most powerful being in the universe according to Mravel anyway is Not a top tier character.It seem backwards for some reason.Anyway with the help of sentinel and blackheart you now have a fighting chance. I learned that letting a thanos reach level 5 is Perfect. Use his HP. to stop enemies from getting to close. He also has combos that can cancel into supers into another super into HDC super. Timing is also very important when using him.


Damn didnt Know about Psylocke? My question to you (BootKnoka)where do you stay at? I am certain you know how use Thanos and was wondering did you know more infinites than standing HK.xxBubble?

thanos doesn’t have any more infinites, but has alot of 100% combos thats all you need. the characters i use with thanos are: juggernaut, ironman, venom, cable, sentinel, colossus, spiral and sometimes storm.
the thing is that you will always need psylocke to bring these characters together.
an easy 100% combo with juggernaut.

thanos and juggernaut in this order.
opponent in corner. j.fierce+juggernaut assist(dash type)> s.fierce>(dash hits)> bubble trap(trap hits)> d.c short> c.fierce ^ short> fierce titan crush> D+roundhouse(otg) xx gauntlet space xx (death)

with larger characters a headcrush is needed also. you have just killed sentinel with two supers good job.

Hey! That 100% combo stuff does work! I am impressed! Hey do you go to big time Tourneys like EvO and MidwestChampionships. IF NOT YOU SHOULD! I would like to see you throw down with Thanos and beat fools down. Besides that aggressive Thanos on lvl.8 I have never fought a real thanos!

I am impressed with 100% combos too
I guess Thanos does Reign!


colossus and thanos in this order.
j.roundhouse+thanos assist(capture type)> short power tackle(trap hits)> d.s roundhouse ^ roundhouse power tackle~(91% on cable)

opponent in corner. colossus and thanos in this order.
j.roundhouse+thanos assist> short power tackle(trap hits)> d.s roundhouse ^ jab> short> strong> forward> F+fierce> roundhouse v c.short> s.roundhouse~(108% on cable)

opponent in corner. colossus and thanos in this order.
j.roundhouse> c.short+thanos assist> c.roundhouse> short power tackle(otg)(trap hits)> s.roundhouse ^ jab> short> strong> forward> short power tackle xx power dive xx xx gauntlet space xx~
(135% on sentinel)

Hey! Also try Cyclops for an Assit man too! Use his (anti-air).
Check this out.

In corner thanos goes Hp./Hk./assistCyclops/dwnHk./bubbletrap/
AssistBlkheartxxtoPowerxxAssistBlckHeartxxtoPower/then soul.


Thanos goes dashHp./bubbletrap/dwnHk./assistCyclops/
Works best in the corner