Thanks from Las Vegas cab owners :D

A big “thank you!” to Mr.Wizard and the EVO staff for allowing Las Vegas cab owners to bring our two newest homebrew cabs to this years BYOC. We can be found in the near left corner of the ballroom, in between the areas used by the side tournaments for KOF XIII and SSFIITurbo.

(the display case section has been removed at EVO to lower the total height of each unit, since we’re running non-HD motherboards this weekend)

We’re running a 4-slot NEO-GEO MVS motherboard, with a whole slew of games (Breakers Revenge, Garou: Mark of the Wolves, and Real Bout Fatal Fury Special being particularly in demand) in one cab, and a Capcom CPS-2 (with Vampire Savior, SSFIITurbo, Cyberbots, and Street Fighter Alpha 2) in the other. By popular demand, today we’ll be running SFA2, instead of the Street Fighter ZERO 2 Alpha we ran yesterday.

Our apologies for yesterday morning’s technical difficulties involving loose nuts leading to droopy sticks – by the afternoon, we had things tightened down and the controls should be just fine now. Many thanks to everyone who came by yesterday to play a few games with us, and thanks again to EVO for letting us share these cabs with you.

Looking forward to day 2 of EVO 2011. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the cabs Chris!