Thanks for getting to know a NEGRO

My name is Kriangkrai.
I go by Thai Vega.
I am retired(?)
I now do speed-runs for Mega Man X on twitch
I used to lurk on SRK in the mid 2000’s before I joined in 09’
EVO 2010 was my first EVO and I placed Top 32 in SFHDR and 3rd in my pools in SFIVAE
I like to think at one point I was the best Vega Player in the Northwest
I like to think I was a top player in our scene for awhile for a couple of games
I like talking shit because I think it’s funny and I truly think it raises competitiveness between one another
I miss going to the arcades
I made quite a bit of friends from the Northwest scene that I can call family.
I made hella enemies from the Northwest scene
I probably would’ve never made friends with a lot of people I know now if it wasn’t for fighting games.
There are hella gross people in the fighting game community
I hate our current scene I think they are soft and just weird
As silly as this sounds I am thankful for fighting games just because I was able to travel to places I’d never thought would go to

I don’t know what else to say but since the SRKforums is closing at the end of the month I thought it would be nice to reflect on a NEGRO

P.S Preppy is awesome

I’ve always been a bit on the fringe of the nw scene but I’ll never forget the good times. Especially getting beat at marvel over and over all night at preppy’s.

Good games srk, you were an important part of my life for the better part of a decade.

My name is Frank

I used to go by FlipBonne
Then I went by Frankdadank
now I go by FCRacer
I am a “retired” from the FGC (I dont think anyone retires completely).
I now have a YouTube channel, and am starting to build up my brand for Twitch.

Amazingly, I am still friends with a bunch of people when I first lurked on here back in 2001.
The lurking was because I heard that some guy named Rattana was a beast at MvC2…and Tacoma thought otherwise…
Rattana ended up bodying all of us lol.
Over the 16 years that I’ve been on here and with Team Seattle, I’ve made many friends, lost friends, regained friends, and made a lot of life long memories.

I remember Doughboy helped revive our scene with tournaments at Preppy’s pre-SFIV.
I remember reaching out to a whole new generation of people when SFIV dropped and again, made a lot of friends.
With that being said, I feel that not having a mentor to guide the new people for SFV and now MvCi is preventing Team Seattle from being how it was back in the Marvel 2 days.
This isn’t saying that our scene is bad because I know we have some killers, but I feel that there could be more if there wasn’t such an “me me me” mentality.

As much as Capcom has changed and people dawg on them. If it wasn’t for them and the games they made I wouldn’t have met so many wonderful people, and established so many life long friendships.

Rip Northwest thread. It’s been a helluva trip.

My name is Mandel (lol)
I went by a NUMBER of different names on this site: Chocolate_Rock, MegaManDool, ANGRY_BLK_MAN, Gadoken, Barry Blocking, Ashanti, Pockie, and many other names I can’t remember at this current time.
Needless to say, this place holds a very fond place in my heart because it’s been here for as long as I’ve been in the scene (dating back to like, Summer/Fall of 2000). I made an account on this site while I was still in high school gd man!
I played so many different games because I just loved the sense/feeling of community and expressing myself through competition. The only place where it didn’t matter that I wasn’t born with the height or strength of an athlete. Come see this Chun and hold these 25% grabs though. Come see this Storm/Sentinel/Cable.
I made a hell of a lot of friends, and there were a hell of a lot of people I disliked. Kinda funny looking back on it, but nevertheless I love all the friends I made because of fighting games and I’ll always consider them family regardless of us going our separate ways.
I’m in this weird middle ground where I still love playing fighting games, but I don’t care about entering any tournaments around here but I still think I could be the best so I’m like, mildly casual, idk. I love fighting games man.
LOL at Horikita Maki being my avatar.
I think of all the stuff that I’ve done, my most important contribution to the NW scene as a whole was probably the Negro thread. I was happy to see it grow and evolve over the years.
I like to think I was a solid player for the vast majority of my tournament years, but there was like one shining moment where I was either the best or one of the best and that was tight. That was like 2008-2009. If they had like a NW LEGENDZ dream match game or something, that’s the version of me that would show up and be a selectable character.

And Frank you’re retired from the Fighting Game Community don’t even try to act like you’re not. But aye, Street Fighter V Arcade Edition sessions at my house bitch, you’re invited what’s up? LOL!

My name is James/Jimmy.

I go by Peachy.
I’ve always tried to stay active in the FGC scene since I joined (more of a cheerleader these days) 17 years ago, old AF I know!
My start began at the age of 15 where I made top 32 in CvS2 at Evo and made a name for myself by showing off an Athena Shining Crystal “trap” I created and getting obliterated by Chikyuu the CvS1 champ, haha! Video is probably still out there. :sweat:

I spent much of my time on these forums learning, talking to friends, and meeting new people. Most of my closest friends came from the FGC. I have met a lot of amazing people, had experiences that have shaped who I am today and would not trade what this forum has given me for anything in the world. Truly end of a era, cheers all!

P.S. I don’t compete much anymore but will still play for shots bitches!

My name is Chris
I loved playing CVS2, and that’s about all I played competitively. K groove ftw (especially Guile).
Made lots of friends and still have them in the FGC and it’s been great.
RIP SRK forums =[

my name is Shawn, but everyone calls me Ghrrk
I played a lot of SF4 when it was new to consoles. I came here after playing online for awhile to find people to play with and I went to Preppys session after being told thats where to go. It was that moment that opened a door for me. Not only was Preppy cool enough to let people session, like everyone came out to this event. Plenty of people who had been playing for years and years and I was just some nobody who came around to play some games. I thought I was funny (I wasn’t) but I just starting playing in the rotations with my whack ass Chun-Li and enjoying the moment. Its really funny to reflect on this so many years later lol. Right then and there though I began talking to some people and ended up making friends and rivals for the next few years - and I really mean that, years! I kept hanging out with you guys and enjoying everything I could. I was never good at FG’s, though I spiked a couple smaller tournaments with top 8’s. I still play these games to this very day.

I never really branched out in the community, other than being friendly to everyone I could and just going to events.
I have super fond memories of my friends, hanging out and playing sessions, and of course Tournament wars.

My biggest rivals posted in this thread so I had to post! KK was like my personal demon and always whupped my ass. I would get mad and then get over it later hahah. He always had the best tech with Vega

Deezo was the best mentor I ever had. When we would game long sessions or online or whatever I would always learn the most from him.

Imperator215 (my friend Pat!) always made me laugh the most and we always had inside jokes (The taunt - sweep him again! - that was ultraaaaa - private eyes, etc.)

One of the best lessons I learned from my times in the FGC was to be humbled over and over again - that you only get what you earn. I would always get this mentality that I was hot shit and then it would get squashed and I’d have to go back and learn and train again. Probably the most hardest time this hit me was when MikehasCookies beat me in a tournament - I think it was the bloody knuckles tournament? I remember cuz I usually would beat him and this day he came thru and it wasn’t even close. I got beat pretty bad by his Bison cuz he was working to level up his game so props to him. I remember this feeling pretty vividly, and I think it made me like re-evaluate what I was doing with FG’s and I kinda took a break afterwards. But once you get love for these games and you learn some things its easy to get drawn back in.

I never took a real decisive leave from the FGC, it just kind of happened to me slowly. The hype was dying down after awhile. People were losing competitive interest and next thing you know we’re all heading separate ways. Now I’m married, I have a son who is almost 20 months old, and I moved out of state (again…) to Honolulu, Hawaii. I’m about to start a career at Pearl Harbor.

But after all is said and done, I loved those years I had invested into this FGC. Into the northwest. And I owe all of it to SRK NW - so thank you for being the catalyst to an entire era of my life.
Rest in Peace SRK forums.

What up.

My name is Lee. First registered at Zaibatsu as mastermind_X, then moved here as mastermind, now on most social media I’m misterlee or with some numbers next to it. I heard there’s a dude who has been making dope Tekken videos on YouTube under the handle of mastermind, so I think it’s tight that the name continues through the FGC like that. If people are getting better from his videos, then he can have the handle.

I first registered here after meeting the Tacoma crew and they came out to play in Silverdale against our gang in TTT. We eventually moved to MvC2 and started going to tourneys at Southcenter. Met a bunch of you guys and never looked back. Played MvC2 competitively for a good ten years until Southcenter closed. Didn’t go to Lanwerx because I ended up working full time and couldn’t make it out. Come SFIV, my brother and I reunited with everyone, but with how fast the game was evolving, I couldn’t donate as much time to it as I did at Marvel, so I hung it up. My last tournament was NWM2 in Tacoma. After that, I helped a bit behind the scenes mainly during Tournament Wars. But I really just couldn’t hang with the new blood.

I still watch tournaments and keep up with strategies in SFV, but only to understand matches better…not to better my own game. I really watch it like I watch football or any other sport. I know enough of what’s happening on screen, but I could never devote the time to perfect it for myself.

Nowadays, I’m married with a kid on the way, and I work fulltime at a hospital. The extent of my current gaming is Pokemon Go. Hahah

Thanks for being available to a scrub back in 2000, SRK forums. I attribute my success in MvC2 and CvS1 and 2 to the giant community that lived here. Also thanks to the Seattle FGC as a whole for showing me I wasn’t the shit outside my arcade, and that I had a lot of learning to do…but the learning was easy when you had a bunch of dope people around you to grow and grind with.


My name is Jie. I played at the UW HUB. it was a golden era.

I used to be a lot better at marvel than I am now. Now I’m so bad I lose to @Pablo_the_Mex , who back when we went to UW i would take his lunch money for free when he played collosus - i wouldn’t even need to use team scrub to do it. Back then when Brian Ma would play gief i would laugh in his face and main captain commando and maim him. i lost a 60$ money match to keith a few years ago, when back in the day i could beat him consistently.

i was able to take games occasionally from all the great players at the hub - nolan, wenzel, mark santos, kyle chow, and so on. the trick was, at the UW HUB there were TWO marvel cabs. one where the good players would go, and then one where people like brian ma and pablo would hide. me i would just go to the good cab and get murdered repeatedly, but i got a helluva lot better. i only played in one tournament at bellevue lanwerx. my only claim to fame i beat some guy named nasir, who wenzel told me it was a huge upset i was supposed to get rekt. i almost did when he caught me in iron man infinite but honestly i got lucky. i died later to wenzel when he murdered me with tron bonne lulz. i never really did learn how to block…

after i graduated tho i stopped playing, but went to evo and made new friends. occasionally i’d go to pablo’s fight nights, sometimes at his place, sometimes hosted at keiths place, and catch up with old friends. @airthrow @Femto

speaking of airthrow i met him like a decade ago when he moved from chicago and we became good friends. he lived in auburn so it was a long ass drive to hangout with him but it was worth it. later when pablo the mex was flaming me on srk cause he can’t get enough of me, airthrow was gonna fight him. but then they became BFFs. i remember i bet money on julian when he money matched orochi zoolander at evo, easiest money i ever made. lots of other stories too, i’ll post them as i remember them. like seriously if it weren’t for this website i wouldn’t have made so many great friends over the years and just random hangouts. like when femto and i went to beijing, no homo, we just hung out with beijing srkers and gamed and went out drinking until 5 am. shit was epic.

RIP SRK and fuck them for shutting down the forums.

Name: Rodolfo Castro
Age: 32 old as fuck
Started Trolling these forums since I was 14? 18 years ago!

Aliases: Row/Rowtron/#$%$!%

Played: MVC, MVC2, GGX, CVS2, MVC3, UMVC3, some MVCI, SFIV, SFV

Man o man. I remember checking on these forums everyday, especially after tournaments at SilverCoin. The nostalgia is crazy!!! I still go to the mall to this day and wish SilverCoin was still there. I miss the non social media days and just showing up to the arcade and seeing familiar and new faces. It was always so cool to see people I’ve heard of on these forums and see them play in real life. The mystery was intriguing!

After a while though everyone got to know each other via these forums and in person but that just brought out more competition! Mostly all my friends I have today are through Shoryuken/Silvercoin which is kind of bizarre now that I think of it. Soo many different personalities soo many different backgrounds but we all still sort of got along.

I remember seeing posts on here like: I played x/x/x and was wearing x/x/x. You beat my ass say hello next time my name is xxx. Or posts like Stiltmans player rankings and his breakdown of matches during the tournament. I personally loved how it created heated discussions on these forums and endless shit talking which built up the drama in the next tournament. I miss Making avatars of my teams and posting detailed description of new combos I figured out ex: Launch, HK, addf, lk,lk etc…

Teaching my son now some MVCI, he mashes activation and level 3 all day with infinite gauge and thinks he beats me (he’s 5, boy time flies). Sad he won’t be able to troll through these forums or go to a arcade to meet new people :frowning:

Even though I haven’t frequented this site since the Preppopolis days I’m still gonna miss it. Thanks for keeping me out of trouble in high school and connecting everyone that I’ve met through here/there.

My name is David, previously antihero (thanks Preppy for the name change). Evo Moment 37 helped me discover SRK which exposed me to the FGC. The match and crowd reaction was unbelievable. I never knew a dedicated scene to fighting games existed. Before “09er” was a bad word, you were called out for being an “04er”. It was a big deal going viral back then before youtube and social media. I’m pretty sure I came across it on the Something Awful forums. My little brother and I grew up playing everything we could get our hands on: SNK titles, Super Turbo, Soul Calibur, MK, Tekken, and even Primal Rage. We loved being “good” or so we thought until some older kids started showing up with fundamentals cleaning out our pockets. So it was a natural fit to sign up.

Back then, Premium was a thing and you could have an animated GIF as an avatar. I contributed to the Avatar request thread and also made some stick art and SRK decals for a few people and for gaming, I spent most of my time reppin SRK Clan on Rainbow Six and Gears of War. SF4 was announced and this made me pay more attention to the regional thread as it was a fresh opportunity to get into the local scene. I recognized Jesse (Super Joe!) from the rave days and through him, I met most of you guys who have opened up your own homes to host sessions, notably Pat (Imperator215), Jared (JalapeNo), and Zach (Preppy). Fun fact: I was so irresponsible back then, I skipped out on paying my cell phone bill to put gas in my car to make it to Jared’s spot in Everett. It was a struggle for me to maintain any type of hobby. It was worth the sacrifice as everyone was friendly, welcoming, and offered advice. Good times.

Northwest Majors 2 was my first big tournament and every year it was the year I would make it to Evo but just couldn’t afford it, even with everyone pitching in to share a room. The financial crisis caught up and I lost my job, apartment, and car. I had to “retire” to get back on my feet and moved on from the FGC. In 2011, I ran into Super Joe at school and wrote a paper about his Tekken career which helped me an A in my journalism class. Thanks Jesse! Made me think about SRK and I lurked here and there.

Fast forward to the release of SFV, it was another opportunity for a fresh start and it was nice to see a few familiar faces keeping the scene alive. I took this game seriously and finally made it to Evo in 2016 with my fiancée which will be an unforgettable experience. Getting to play Daigo at Redbull was also awesome. As far as SFV goes, I stuck it out through Season 2.5 and had to take a small break to focus on my health. I will likely resume with Season 3 casually and hit up some tourneys here and there.

SRK forums will always hold a special place in my life. Especially the Relationship Advice thread (lol).

See you guys around.

Aight first I wanna quote and reply to some of this then I’ll post my story…

You used to make me so mad with the bullying of new players. :love: #MechanicaPolice

I always thought the scene’s weakness was that we were friends first, competitors second. I’d go to a ‘grind session’ and we’d just go out to eat and kick it for four hours instead of true practice. :lol: It was fun though, I remember if I practiced with other regions at like Evo or something that it was very stale and boring. I actually wound up getting into the SF scene more than GG (even though GG is way more fun to me) because the people were fun to be around and socialize with.

lmao so many times I was like “who is this random du–oh it’s deezo again.”

Same. I’m honestly trippin’ right now about this going away.

I remember a tournament match against you, in Preppy’s basement, where you were playing this chill keepaway neutral style and then you realized that’s exactly what Sim wants and you just started rushing me down with the bullshit and I panicked and lost. I vaguely remember being very insecure about my play and thinking I was bad and I got a huge confidence boost from you saying something about being scared to fight me.

Dawg do you remember—of course you remember—Bloody Knuckles when you were fighting Cole and it was hella tense? Sim had hella life left and Chun was generally not a big combo character for most people at that point in Vanilla…

You jumped. A beautiful jump, a hard read on a bad fireball or maybe a hp/hk.

Jump fierce, blat blat. Slowly but surely, after hella c.hp xx legs links into EX legs, EX legs, EX sbk, last of all ultra. With each link, each ex bar spent, Cole starts slumping more and more in his chair. He was so confident the match was not over, but it was over and the combo was sick and everyone popped off. You didn’t even get screwed by Chun’s tendency to have her ex shit mess up the combo or not get full ultra.

I still remember getting hype off some Evo preview video with some Jpop and a bunch of highlights and seeing you bodying people with that athena trap. I didn’t know who you were but back then I wanted so badly to be a low tier hero in every game and prove that tiers didn’t matter as much as people thought, lol.

Excuse me, ghrrk?

I’m Elias. I’m 29. I started lurking here when I was 15, I think I registered when I was 16 but I wound up changing accounts because my account was some random teenage shit like Boxofjello420sephiroth6969@angelfire.comXD

Guilty Gear XX was my first love in terms of actually playing competitively. I fought against Rob Plummer at PAX in #reload. I was playing Axl and I was horrible but I had a couple combos and then I hit him with a “semi-infinite” we used to call them. We used to call loops semi-infinites. That shit is so funny to me now. What a dumb term. Except my semi-infinite was a complete garbage black beat (fake) combo. It would tech trap sometimes though so Rob stopped teching and I got to loop it for a bit. He actually yelled out to his nearby friend like “whoa this kid is hitting me with a weird axl combo I’ve never seen! he’s not bad!” and then I think I maybe found out from him where people played (Lanwerx) and I got more serious. The only problem is everyone I encountered at that time was absolutely horrible at constructive criticism. Granted, I didn’t have a lot to work with as it was just one of those things where you need to play the game more and get more comfortable.

I then gravitated to third strike and super turbo. I spent an immense amount of time playing SF anniversary edition 3s on the original xbox. It actually had some of the best netcode I’ve ever played on console. I learned the game completely by playing it online there, through a converter that worked for PSX/Saturn/Gamecube to regular xbox. While I waited for my custom stick to ship I played on a saturn pad in 3s.

Other hot games at the time were Marvel 2, and CvS2. I was a low tier hero and I couldn’t hang in those games because low tier is unplayable. I also thought roll canceling was broken and refused to learn it or acknowledge it as part of the game. I was so dumb because RC is actually your only chance at playing most low tier characters. That game was tight and I wish I gave it a real chance.

I have probably spent more time in the lab in MvC2 than many actual marvel players. Unfortunately I’ve spent that time practicing all the dumbest low tier tech. I can show you morrigan infinites, charlie mixups, ways to combo into SonSon’s POW super without assists, anakaris/dhalsim infinites, glitches, how to make Jin’s machine gun super unblockable… the dumbest shit. Lmao.


I used to always hang out with axel kelly at Preppy’s and while he always was way better than me, Dhalsim bodies Guile for free so I would always knock him out of the tournaments then lose to someone he might’ve had a chance to beat. It was a shame. :bgrin:

One time I was about to leave veteru alone downstairs with the ST prize pot nearby and he stopped me and said something like, ‘Don’t leave me alone with that money please. I don’t trust myself.’

I was like “Oh… well, okay.” And so we sat down and played ST. He was weirdly good for someone I only knew played anime games. One time in a tournament he not only knocked me out of the tournament but he did it with short short super. Which is notoriously difficult in ST. Like, I could NOT do that shit back then and I have solid execution. I was so mad.

I had just really gotten into the scene when I got to go to one of Loki’s tournaments. His apartment was a fucking arcade. Straight up. I was in heaven. I couldn’t play for shit on american HAPPS sticks and he had candy cabs with sit down Sanwa button 3s cabinets and I just about pissed myself from glee. I knew I had found a tribe to belong to at this point. I didn’t know a soul and people were still cool and nice. Unfortunately a certain someone brought some shady fucks who didn’t even play to one of those tournaments. Then mysterrrrrriously Loki got fucking robbed shortly after that and stopped hosting. I’m very surprised that certain someone didn’t get his ass beat for that shit. I ran into him at Evo this year and I felt weird but nonetheless hung out and chatted a bit. One time I brought Grey Goose to zach’s and not that many people wanted any so he and I shared most of the fifth and he beat people by yelling drunkenly and talking shit hella loud while playing. I later apologized to airthrow for my role in that.

You know, thievery is what got Preppy’s shut down for the longest time too. That’s so whack. Didn’t Dugg or somebody get his shoes straight stolen? Motherfucker had to walk back to his car in his socks. What the fuck is wrong with people? I got no tolerance for people who steal from other people.


SRK forums closing down is hard for me. I largely hated General Discussion—hated it. I saw too much toxic homophobic straight guy locker room talk hateful bullshit. But then there was the “Ask a Gay Guy” threads.

It made some straight guys mad: “what the fuck this is stupid I want a straight guy thread then if you get this” which is hilarious and so typical. A great reply someone had was just linking to forums.shoryuken because the whole god damned forums is a straight man’s world.

It made many straight(?) guys curious: asking genuine questions. Some legit questions, some horribly offensive, some made me think they were definitely closeted gay men. Nonetheless it served a very fascinating purpose.

Most importantly for me—a young insecure gay man with no gay friends—it gave me a social circle. I went from so terrified, insecure, anxious, depressed-bordering-on-suicidal-thoughts to realizing there was a lot of people just like me. One thing I was extra insecure about was the fact I am strictly only attracted to significantly older guys. Always have been, and apparently always will be. I thought I was a freak (okay I probably am but it made me okay with it) and when you try to talk to random straight people about that sort of thing they think you have daddy issues, that you were sexually assaulted by older men and just so traumatized you don’t remember it… people say some fucked up shit to people they can’t relate to on the internet. But I found a larger social circle of gay men, learned that was a very common attraction, I made some friends and I stopped wanting to change. Really began the process of embracing myself.

I’m a socially awkward person who later realized he has Aspergers or is on the autism spectrum. I literally lived on the internet and thusly my real life social skills truly suffered & suffered as a result. I couldn’t really make friends in person. I could hardly make eye contact with people. Video games helped as a thing to focus on, a topic to socialize about. For me to find this community of people with this common hobby we were all so passionate about, this family… it was life changing. It honestly shaped me as a person.

I’m currently re-reading through one of the gay guy threads and it’s so wild to see my posts from when I was like 18. It’s like reading old journal entries. THE NOSTALGIA IS KILLING ME. Also some embarrassment, like reading old journal entries.

Anyway, I love y’all. All I do is play Tekken 7 now, and so far just online. Life is bodying me. But I’ll never retire. Stay soft, retirees. I’ll never have children to distract me from game lyfe. Having kids is whack. But I do have other hobbies now instead of nothing but gaming. I been painting. Writing. Reading. But Tekken is tight as fuck. Like damn. If Xrd didn’t have such bad netplay for me (playing strangers) I’d still play that because GG is the best 2d fighter out there. But for now it’s just Tekken. I’m almost bummed I never got into this series before.


Dude congrats! Do you know if its a boy or a girl?

Hahaha <3

What the hell you’re only 2 years older than me

I should be no ones rival all I do is laugh when I play

But you always end up taking all the shots though…WHORE!

I remember being at Gameworks (sometime in 08’) on one of the day where everyone would meet up and line up to play Street Fighter IV from like 7pm - 12am (This was waay before I got to know everyone and mainly played SFIV with Future to kill time). Next to the Street Fighter IV machines were Blazeblue, KoF XII, and Tatsunoko vs Capcom. Me, not wanting to just wait in line decide to challenge this Mexican guy that was playing TvC. I easily destroyed his 1st character and took his 2nd character down to like 10 - 15% health. Seeing how there was like 35 seconds on the clock I decided to time him out while laughing. He gets up and is HELLA mad at me for no raisins! All I hear is like him cussing up a storm before he decided to go outside and smoke with Josh and Jacob. Low and behold this Mexican guy would end up being a really good friend and a co-worker. This Mexican guy was name Frankdadank lol.

My team was hella gross in that game too it was Casshan and Ryu lol

I am pretty sure that you made "Purple Rain/Erotic City for me. And let me tell you that it really inspired me in learning and creating stick art myself. While moved onto video editing and motion graphics stuff for my YouTube channel. If this isn’t you, well I hope that whoever made that Anna stick art for me see this. Because that shit was dope as fuck and I would hella put it on a stick again.

I don’t recall being extra mad for losing. But I was steamed that you decided to time me out LOL. I remember thinking to myself "Why is this dude not killing me right now? I’m hella punishable here an-…this fool is really about to time me out…

It’s really awesome to see so many people post in here and talk about their experiences within the FGC/Team Seattle. I don’t think there are many people that can say they were able to have so many friends from video games. Well I’m pretty sure WoW players can but you get what I’m saying.

While having Facebook and other social media outlets makes things more accessible for people. The forum here on SRK really provided something special. Especially with the Get to Know a Negro better thread. That was essentially our Facebook at that time. Even when all of us weren’t playing competitively we would still hop in and use that as a way to keep in touch with everyone.

I really hope that more people from the MvC2-SFIV/MvC3 days pop in and leave a post. I wasn’t anticipating to be so bummed about the forums closing down. But I am. I think it’s because I felt like this would be something that I could always come back to to read over old posts and have a good laugh (or think to myself…“Jesus did I really say that?” <_<)

Also Elias, I would lurk that Ask a Gay man thread, and it also helped me overcome my own qualms about my sexuality. I miss your face boo.

Frank is responsible for me being a part of the fighting game community. All because of a chance (FATEFUL) meeting at Gamer’s Edge.

Sometimes I’m still blown away that it all went down like that LOL!

Without you, I wouldn’t have met all these other amazing people.

Good shit whore!

Girl! Due February 20th. I intend to put her in front of a controller and/or joystick and get her on a fighting game as soon as possible.

My name’s Chris, I also played at the UW HUB right up until the end when they demolished and rebuilt it. I was the Blackheart player that never actually learned how to play Magneto. Now I’m a lawyer and there’s no way I have the time to put as many hours into fighting games as I used to, but it’s still fun to see how many people are keeping old games alive in side tournaments. And every time I pass by an arcade and they have MvC2, I still hop on hoping someone else out there also remembers how to play the best fighting game ever made.

Name is Mike.

Always loved fighting games but would later ( a lot later) learn that I don’t like practicing and enjoy being a fan of games.

I chose this screen name because at the time (2004) I was into anime and Berserk was a cool story and I liked the way he looked when Griffith transformed( the blasphemous shit dude did, didn’t register). Found this site through while looking up Guilty Gear XX combos for the PS2. I always loved fighting games and would read over and over and over and over the same information in magazines no matter how many times I read it.

I became infatuated with VF when I got a Sega Saturn and VF2 was the game that got me into 3D fighters. Tried to get said friends into VF because of the tutorial which showed inputs and replayed certain techniques like MTEG in slow motion with controls. This wasn’t enough to get them into it since “A game with 3 buttons shouldn’t have something like this in it.”

The only arcade memories I have were Street Fighter 2, World Heroes, Mortal Kombat 2 & 3, Samurai Shodown 2, Killer Instinct, X-Men: COTA and Marvel Superheroes.

Later on when I moved out for the first time the DC had been out and I had just about everything for it. I showed my friend and roommate that in fact a Street Fighter 3 did in fact happen and MvC2 was a cool story. So for the next couple years MvC2, Third Strike and Power Stone 2 were the only time my friends showed interest in fighting games (“Fighting games suck because you only do the same thing”) so these were it. I tried to get them into others but the only one to really catch their attention was Guilty Gear XX.

When I moved to Seattle in 2006 I was excited to see the scene here since I only met up with a couple SRKers in my hometown a year before I would move out. Didn’t do to well thanks to trolling @Deezo 's passionate speech to play MvC2 on this forums with (“Fuck Marvel, lol”) when I was BRAND NEW to this shit. Didn’t work out of me and even though I was a big fan of MvC2, when I came to this site and learned about tiers and strategy seeing MvC2 distilled really threw me for a loop. “How can a fighter with this much variety be boiled down like this?” is something I echoed to myself. Not being a fan of most of the X-Men after 8th grade didn’t help either. It wasn’t until @Preppy’s that I “got it” but finding the right hardware to play it on wasn’t happening being new in the state. Reading about tiers and balance made me think people would get down in VF, lol. But I think the heartbreak of living by rules really soured me on it.

I would later lose feeling in my right pinky which and would use the next couple years with some crazy back and wrist pain from work, that kept me from going hard in games. I would trudge through it because there was competition and the people in the scene (most of them) seemed to be all about the stuff I was into and didn’t give up on life. Because I suck at multi-tasking and schmoozing, work would take precedent which is always a mistake and my schedules would never match up to later tournaments(Tournament Wars).

I remember SF4 being announced and @Preppy would have the EGM at his place that had SFIV’s debut. We all proceeded to laugh at the screens because the game looked soooooo fucking ugly, and only got worse with time.

My name is Michael Davis
I joined SRK at 15, in 2002. I think that’s it’s fucking ridiculous that the PASSWORD for SRK that I JUST logged into…was my DEBIT CARD PIN at the time.
I stumbled on SRK after wanting to beat my friend in MvC2. I learned how to use Sentinel / Commando keep away strategies, and fell down the SRK rabbit hole fast.
I went to tournaments. Met at people’s houses. Made friends. Pushed thousands of hours into fighting games.

SRK was a safe haven for me while in the hospital. I remember chatting up people on AIM, just beginning a conversation with them and being like “Hey what’s up Row…this is Mickey from SRK.” For hours on end, I’d lose myself in the community. It was really nice.

To this day, I lament over videos that I have on my hard drive. Match videos, hotel room hang outs after Evo, randomly dancing like a dummy at Mandel’s…this community very much shaped the person that I am today. Friends of the past that I had such great memories with. Many of these friendships are shadows of their former self. And when I think about for too long, it makes my heart ache. I tried getting back into the new community last year. See if I could relive glory, maybe even experience the community again in a new light with an “aged” perspective. Heh. It was short lived, and I’m fine with that.

Everything has it’s own time. I’m grateful for the relationships that I built along my fighting game journey, and at the same time I long for that time again too…it won’t come. But damn they were fucking great times.

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