TFNS Toronto presents Hype weekend May 28-29 - Results!

Singles Tournament Results

1st - JS Master
2nd - Blitzman
3rd - Rebelo
4th - Wilson
5th - Rob999
5th - Shine
7th - Minus
7th - TB_GGirl
9th - C-Royd
9th - Dice01
9th - SpiralGuy
9th - KillaCam
13th - Basic
13th - Kamakazi
13th - Rad
13th - Big_Greek
17th - Azure_Fighting
17th - Tat_
17th - DarkDragon
17th - HVE
17th - JiggaBry

Team Tournament Results
1st - Has to Be STC (JS Master, Blitzman, Trite)
2nd - Team Vaughan (Tran, Led, JTW)
3rd - Davero
4th - Secret Sauga
5th - 100
5th - haiRyan (SpiralGuy, Ehai, Pringles)
7th - Shoto
7th - Fresh (Psychochronic, Shine, Kamakazi)
9th - 1 Guy Short (Bryson, Recognise, Wetworker)
9th - Premium Plus (Basics, Sacojericho, Watch Tower)

gratz minus
what happen to the guy who lost 100$? or was it the ipod?

Props to dice and TFNS for hosting a great tourney. It was my first time going to this venue, and I have to say that it was really nice. Very open and chill spot.

A question guys…doing the videos post from this weekends team tourney and I need to clarify a few matches so I can post them up.

who on team Hi-Ryan was rocking Fei long vs Led from team Vaughan(I think its led)

Also need the player tags and characters they used for these teams.

Team - 100
Team - Secret Sauga
Team - Davero

Secrat sauga = Buddhaforce -Seth
Rebelo - Guile
Chaos2d - Akuma

Davero - Davero - Honda
Teddy- Rufus
Dark Dragon - Juri

I dont know who team 100 was made up of.