Texas Showdown 6 Results!

I got home before everyone so I thought I’d go ahead and make the thread.

As far as I know the first tournys are STILL going on as I type this (4:36 am CST)

Results to come soon.


stolen from skisonic and next time update if you’re gonna start the thread…sheesh.

valle v combofiend
choi v nestor

smoothcat vs edma
jason cole v jeron greyson

2.nestor c.
3.john choi (nestor 2-0)
4.alex valle (nestor 2-0)
5.smoothcat (valle takes it 2-1)
5.jason cole
7.jeron greyson

starboy/david hem/combofiend/mopreme/
fubarduck/alex valle/zero-g/jason cole/

<Vigz> TS6 #R: Winners: kjunk/flash alexg/chaz, Losers: chaotic/combof, hitler/marn

1.alex g - dizzy
2.kjunk - jam
3.flash metroid - jam
4.david hem
5.chaz - ino?
5.combofiend - axl?
7.marn - eddie?
7.chaotic blue

[12:39] <DEADsonic> doa4 had like 6 people

NGBC 1. jeron Greyson?

go isaac. go nestor. go wigfall. go ec. yep yep.

winners bracket of top 8 :
isaac graham v combfiend
josh wigfall v magneto-x


left in the bracket is:

RuelZ takes it vs vinnyman for final spot in the top 8
vinny d. skimitar playing in yet another houston/houston(?) matchup
vegita-x d nestor to qual in losers.
joe r d power dn to qual in losers.
carnieval beat jumpee to qual first in losers.
ruin d powerdn,creecy d ruin in winners bracket.
dsp was 1 pixel away from beating vegita-x, and continue his streak almost beating well known minority players in the quest to break 5th.
isaac g narrowly beat joe r. in winners.

random note: there was one bracket with 4 mega man/tron players. CRAZY!
another with 4 rogues! nuts!

thats all i got.

oh nice, i can’t wait!

i think jan won fist. I should remember but so totally forgot. 5:30 AM will do that to a person

Slash teams who won who won who won.

Full results for HnK?

We ended on time, we never said when it would end =P lol

Hokuto no Toki(17 people)
1st Jan Del Rio - Toki
2nd Magneto-X - Rei/Toki
3rd Fubarduck? - Toki

KOF XI(24 people)
1st The Answer (Oswald[L]/Mailin/Gato)
2nd AsianHitler (Gato[L]/Kula/Kyo)
3rd Jose Acosta (Elizabeth[L]/K/Kula)

Tekken DR(38 people)
1st Crow - Steve
2nd Vick - Feng
3rd AsianHitler - Bryan

GGXXS(44 people)
1st Kensou - Chipp
2nd Flashmetroid - Jam
3rd Chaotic Blue - Johnny/Jam/Sol/Testament

He’s gotcha there

oh man

good job to flashmetroid placing 2nd in ggxxs, just too bad you didn’t win :frowning:

pretty impressive though if i’m right and he hasn’t really played slash yet

Cant wait to hear Flash start talking shit =D.

LOL, Toki is too stupid. And CB played 4 chars thru the Slash tourney? Wtf.

good shit to chris jan and kevin =D

hitler is OG. good running everything chris , kensou, and all the other guys. =D

omfg =P not to complain but I will :stuck_out_tongue: me and Xenotiger were still in losers and it was 6am when we left. Not saying we woulda won but this shit ran way too long =(

by thanks goes out to kensou/flashmetroid for helping run the fucking brackets
<3 good shit <3 only 1 Cab though = ouch;`(

Good job to THE ANSWER for repping SoCal :tup:, keep up the good work everyone. I can’t wait for the rest of the results, money match results for Garou please :). Take care.

Whats the status on the team tourneys?

Flash did a good job getting everyone through

wtf, a ky player didn’t win ggxxs? crazy…

talked with isaac

he says that they were just getting cabinets to the arcade about an hour ago

looks like shit is running RIGHT ON TIME

we’ll be lucky to get results by tomorrow night

Fuck that! calls phobos :lol:

Good shit to the answer repping the Kforce ( well … if theres one still :confused: ).

The Answer is the strongest member of the K force by the moment ( kof XI and NGBC )… me K4, and the feto ( former the beast ) havent been playing coz of personal issues.

I wonder where the guys of Culebra diversions were at … they said they were the shit on TX.

As K4z CEO … me K4 have given orders to the Answer to dont come back till he play these bitches … so we can settle, at least for now, where are the best KOF players.

RF > KFORCE > HP > rest of the world :wgrin:

ecc > evo > az tournies > texas

yup sounds about right. I’m not hating, i <3 texas, but dan 6a.m.


Still wait for the rest of the results…