Tetris + Jenga = 99 Bricks!

It’s fun as hell. I’m a junkie.

had 63 bricks left and went, “fuck this”.

369 :woot:

There’s something wrong with me, cause I like building it up and then destroying it…

^ :rofl: Me too! Once I get it built so high and it starts wobbling, I then have more fun raining the bricks down on it and slamming them into the side of it in an effort to make the whole thing crumble. That’s more fun than building it IMO.

This is awesome.


Tell me how my ass tastes, Zulu.

…actually, don’t.

this game is neat, but its a bit of a bastard, even building up a solid tower, the thing swayed and I got a little crack in the blocks, and then all of a sudden the lines don’t quite apply and then you’re just fucked. I mean, you make a tiny misjudgment and you have a block tilted on an angle and there is nothing you can do but watch it fail slowly.
It’d make a nice extra mode to a tetris game though…provided they tweaked the physics a little bit.


436…second place.

I hate it when it starts swaying and you can’t get the blocks to line up right. Then it just starts to lean and then you think to yourself, ‘Hurry up and fall already.’

no modern tetromino game should ever, ever, ever, ever use modulo 7.

I’m suprised people can still rip of Tetris these days… Seems a fun game, although I would have loved the concept to have been Nintendo’s…

200 something.

Wished I made this. This is sweet.

This is so fun. Thanks.

I got 550 on my second try, and haven’t come close since. I got lucky with a single block width tower that was almost 100 high at the end.


got 528 my first shot. this is fun!

519 before it crumbled back down to nothingness.

I’ll wait for the Grand Master version of this game.

410 my first time before it crumbled straight down the middle…

This game is even more goddamn nerve-wracking than plain Tetris. Not only are you trying to fit these blocks into a tower, you’re having to keep an eye on wobbling parts, and just tapping them fucks you over. Fuck you, Russia.

You also can’t slam them down because that’ll force it to shift too. I love this game. :cool: