Testing an X360 custom stick on a PC

Long story short I’m using the PCB of a Madcatz Gamestop pad and I have already downloaded the X360 pad drivers for Windows…how can I test my custom stick properly though (I just wanna make sure that all of the buttons and directions microswitches work as intended but I don’t have an Xbox360 yet)?

What’s the most reliable test (I’ve heard that the windows game peripherals calibration thingy isn’t that great and oftentimes highlights discrepancies that wouldn’t show up on the actual console…like you can’t press both triggers at the same time and so forth)?

Thanks in advance for the help.

If there’s another application I’m not aware of it. The Game Controllers in the Control Panel should allow you to at least verify that everything is working. That’s what I used prior to getting my 360. I can’t vouch for the triggers though since I don’t wire those.