(Test Your Skills Bar Fights 3) [Road to Evo] July 2 Houston Tx Results

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Jan/Josh- Appreciate the help my ninjas =]

2 everyone who brought setups- Thank you. Made the tournament run alot faster.

The Aftermath

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Tournament Results:) (Turnout was 50+):clapdos:

(Marvel Vs Capcom 3)


1st Gene

2nd Joey H

3rd Jan

(Super Street Fighter 4)


1st Gene

2nd Darkstalker (RoseKid)

3rd Crow

(Mortal Kombat 9)


1st Devil Jim

2nd Xeromos

3rd Keiogi

(Smash Bros. Melee)


1st Wobbles

2nd Oscar

3rd Bakaa

All other games (Canceled/No entrys)


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:)Past Tournament Results Thread:)

Test Your Skills Results

Congratulations to the champions. See you all at the next tournament on TBA!

[COLOR=#0033cc][SIZE=13px]TYS-BF 3 MvC3 Grand Finals [STP] Gene Vs Joey [MSP] 7/2/11[/SIZE][/COLOR]
[COLOR=#0033cc][SIZE=13px]TYS-BF 3 SSF4AE Grand Finals [Fei] Gene Vs Rosekid [Ros] 7/2/11[/SIZE][/COLOR]