(Test Your Skills 9) SSF4/Brawl/MvC2/Melee/Sc4/Tvc Houston,TX May-8-2010

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AirbrushKing Venue

13700 Beechnut St.
Houston Texas, 77083
United States

Contact Information:
Email: AirbrushKing@abdk.net
Capacity/Hours: 500+ People 40+ Tables 300+ Chairs/Hrs:10am-2am

(Same/New Venue/Bigger Space–> http://www.picturetrail.com/sfx/album/view/22599295)

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Tournament Information:

HOBO=Hobo stands for Houston Official Brawl Organization. Every HOBO/Brawl tournament grosses 50+ players and is ran by Xryo.

TYS=Test Your Skills is presented to you by AirbrushKing.net. Featuring all of the new/retro games and is organized by AirbrushKing.
Games in: (New/Sf4/Sc4/Tvc/All others) (Retro/Mvc2/3rdStrike/Cvs2/All others) (Future/Blazblue/Tekken 6/Arcana Hearts 2/All others)

Flyer Coming soon!

Airport/Hotels/Housing/Food Areas:

Hotels close to Funplex (CLICK HERE)


B.Y.O.S/Bring Your Own Setups (Tv/Console/Controller/Arcade Sticks/Ubs cables)

You are not required to bring any setups but if you do, you will be compensated

Live Stream:

www.AirbrushKing.net (Front Page Under Recent News)


Movie Theater
12,000 Sq. Ft. Roller Skating Rink
40 Lane Bowling Alley & Pritchard’s Pro Shop & Bar

Confirmed States/Cities/International:

Coming Soon!



Venue/Entry Fees:
$7 (Venue) (Wristband) (Purchased Upstairs)
$10$ (Entry) (Per Game) (Collected inside of the venue)

Cash Prizes/Payout:

1st 70% + AirbrushKing Custom Airbrushed Prizes
2nd 20% + Funplex Prizes
3rd 10%

Special Prizes sponsored by www.AirbrushKing.net and www.SmashBrosTournaments.com

(Rules and Regulations)

A wristband MUST be purchased in order for you to enter the venue. If you do not have a wristband on, you will be asked to get one. If you REFUSE, you will be escorted out the venue by SECURITY!


(((Casuals start at 12:00Noon & Registration for all games begin at 1:00pm)))

(Smash Bros. Brawl) (Wii)

Tournament begins at 2:00pm

(Smash Bros. Melee) (Gamecube/Wii)

Tournament begins at 2:00pm

(Super Street Fighter 4) (Ps3/X360 Casuals)

Tournament begins at 3:00pm

(Marvel Vs Capcom 2) (Dreamcast) (Ps3 & 360 Casuals) 50$ Pot Bonus sponsored by AirbrushKing.net

Tournament begins at 4:00pm

(Tatsunoko Vs Capcom Ultimate All-Stars) (Wii)

Tournament begins at 4:00pm

(Soul Calibur 4) (Ps3/X360 Casuals)

Tournament begins at 5:00pm

(((5$ Late Fee for any sign up?s after the tournament begins for all games so be ON TIME)))

((For All Games Rules Go To?> http://www.airbrushking.net/tournaments/?p=73))

Main Event/Grudge/Money Matches:

AirbrushKing vs Jumpy 100$ (Mvc2) The Runback
Iaan vs JD 100$ (3rd Strike)
Joey H vs P.Y.T 200$ (Mvc2)
Ruin vs Jewelman 200$ (Sf4)

(If you have a grudge/want to money match anybody. Pm me so I can add it in this section)

Test Your Skills/HOBO Results:


Prizes/Tournaments Sponsored:

To view prizes and tournaments, Go to?> AirbrushKing.net/news & AirbrushKing.net/sponsors

Announcement will be coming soon! Stay tuned…

just posting to confirm Im playing Iian
I dont want this to become a big rivalry or anything,
Ian and I used to team up for 3s tourneys a while ago.
I can see why he wants to play me since we havent played in years and I was always more consistent beating him than he was beating me. Its always good to play after a couple of years to see who’s improved.

Just wanted to be clear on that.
Iian needs practice against a good Yun which Houston cant provide, and the only good remy here in austin doesnt like to play against yun, so we’re both out of practice match-up wise, this will be fun.

Yea I understand that this is no rivalry. I havent seen his remey at high level so it should be interesting to what he could do cause I think this will be his 1st money match that he has ever had so I dont know how well he does under that pressure but we shall see. I cant wait =]

What characters do you play besides yun that are solid enough to compete in mm and tournaments?

ABK, lets MM. $100. Marvel. I’ll play DPAD

How many players usually show up for Mvc2?

Lol after I beat jumpy you can be my next victim and dont be trying to make me sound like I need your pity with that DPAD stuff. I beat you before, Ill beat you again. Train that low-tier up. What team you want to run?

My marvel turnouts are always 18+ registered players. Cali Vs Texas had 25 Registered players which was real good. Alot of texas is back playing so I dont know how much I would get now…

Question to the Sf4 community. Does everyone want to run a sf4 or ssf4 tournament on may 8? Seeing as the game would be brand new, didnt know if anybody will be feeling confident enough to enter a tournament…

Every other tournament is picking up SSFIV after it comes out. No one is going to play the old version of SFIV anymore once it comes out.

@abk - “you beat me before and you’ll beat me again?”. son please. the team…i’ll just mirror match you. whatever team you want to play, let me know.

Cool. Will do sir. What character are you picking up in the new version or will you still main sagat?

Mirror matches are boring! :yawn: pick a team?

what low tier teams do yall run? just wondering

Depends. I run guile/iceman/whoever. No god or top tier is allowed so it varies but sometimes you can get away with it if the 2 people agree on the teams. What teams/characters were you trying to pick up?

I use the characters in my avatar.

I guess you won’t be bumping up the amount from 50 $ a piece to a 100$ a piece?? haha I’m getting boredddddd.

We will do what we agreed upon HUSTLER! What are the teams so we are clear?

you get ice/guile/sent… i get rog/cyke/cap… 1st to 5 for 50$

and if that jacob guy wants in… i’ll play him too. gotta share that 50$ lol

@ jumpy - if you can beat abk…then i definitely cannot beat you :sweat:

@ abk - please accept my challenge, i want to see how good i am on the marvel :lovin:

Cool. I might want to play you low tier again. Lets say the 3 legends vs guile/iceman/akuma? If you dont know who the 3 legends = Ken/Ryu/Akuma. Lets GO!

Whatever jacob. What a class act you are! Anyways I told you ill play you but not 50$. Ill set you and jumpy up for that but dont know if he would have 50$ after im finished with him:lovin:

Hey Deangelo, I just found out that my cousin downloaded Marvel on PS3 last week. He sucks at the game since he hasn’t ever played the game or any fighting game before last week, he doesn’t have a stick or anything, he’s a World of Warcraft player. I want him to money match you at your tourney to see how he’d do. Would you be down for like a ft 5 for $50?