TES+ not responding

So I have a bit of a problem. I ordered a madcatz TES+ stick and right out of the box it’s not working. The x button is completely unresponsive on both ps4 and ps3 and trying to hit the PS button causes it to freak out and not assign it to an account like it should. Has anyone else had this problem? I’d like a quick response because it’s a little frustrating to spend so much money on a brand new stick that isn’t working

Where did u buy it from? If amazon, just do a return for a refund or replacement. I just got my tes+ yesterrday and i was fortunate to not have any problems (yet).

Yeah I’m getting it packed up and returned. Glad no one else is really having the same problem haha. Gives me hope for the replacement

My LS/DP/RS button stopped working on my TE2+ they replaced it with a brand new one, which I got today, and out of the box the ‘O’ button doesn’t work. I swapped buttons around to no avail so got to already send it back.

Man, this is disconcerting. My og madcatz te round 2 for my xbox 360 is still going strong 6+ years. Im hoping my new tes+ will last just as long, but if anything happens, i think i would be able to fix it on my own.

Still, u pay a premium, u expect it work without having to go through hurdles of rma. Being a pc enthusiast, i know about those procedures all too well.

My PS Button on the TES+ doesn’t work, do you know which internal wiring is it connected to so I can check it?