Terry patterns

I know all of terry’s basics, but I’m having a hard time learning his character as a whole.

Could somebody give me say a run-down of how a typical terry match might go? In S-Groove, if possible (yeah right).

For instance, with Rolento, i KKK jump backwards, throw a knife. If it hits, i start charging. If it’s blocked/rolled, I PPP hop backward. If they do anything, i press P to knock them out of it. Then i usually get into c.rh range and squat there until I can knock them down. Once they’re down, i run up to the fallen body, and either charge or start doing jabs. They’ll think they can wake-up, so i dodge at last second, and charge meter until they hit the ground, then c.mk XX qcf+px3. Then probably wait a little out of range, and when they get up qcb+k and see what they do.

Something like that. I know that rolento is a lot more pattern-based than terry, but something like this would be appreciated.

Or even really just a description of how a good terry should be played, what patterns should be utilized against what “type” of moves.

I know this all sounds a little confusing, but if anyone actually gets what I’m requesting, please post?

I’m sick right now, but I’ll post my usual patterns with him if you like a little later on

Rush that shit down. Period.

Damn I forgot about this shit.

Eh well, I usually go for a knockdown, go for a c.lk x3 -> stand lk combo (blocked or not), step forward once, stand mk, lk Crack Shoot. That’s my most used pattern. It’s pretty good because usually one of the moves connects, then you can just mix up a sweep or a c.fp, or a stand mk into dash throw or something.

RC lk Crack Shoot if you can do it is awesome in this string. They’re like oh I can dp that shit, ha ha just kidding.