Terry A-groove combo?

Anyone know some really good A-Groove combos with terry?

cr.fwd, cr.rh, [cr.fierce, fp burn knuckle] x 2-3, fp rising tackle x till meters almost out, QCF-QCFx2+K, fp rising tackle

Crouching fp standing hk, [ fp burning knuckle, standing hk] x2 should be in corner by now and do 2 rising tackles then buster wolf,rising tackle. does over 8000. i made that one up off of his b&b one.

cr.fk, short crackshot, [cr.fp, fierce burn knuckle]x3, s.fp for two hits, fk rising tackle, buster wolf super and charge down during animation to finish with a fk rising tackle for five more hits. Does around 9000 damage.

Close to opponent and go c.FPx3,s.RH,c.RH,c.FP,qcb.FP,c.FP,qcb.FP,c,FP,rising tucklex2,qcfx2.K and finish with dp.RH…

An easy CC with Terry.

Works as an anti-air too (very effective),

When opponent jumps, activate and do the following;

c.Hk + a Hk crackshoot (meaning after the first HK, pull a Crackshoot), c.Hk+burning nuckle (medium punch)x2 (until you get it to the corner), then you can do standing HK + Standing Hp and Power Geiser or buster wolf. End it with a power dunk or a burning kuckle…