Terrifying Inactivity on Shoryuken.com Main Page

I created an account on the forums here because I’m very, very worried. And I’m not alone.

There hasn’t been a single new post since the beginning of the year, despite several newsworthy events lately, including two tournaments this past weekend. Those of us who engage in discussion on the Disqus comments in the articles have been asking for updates, reporting on the aforementioned tournaments, and commiserating with each other for a week now.

Most of the chat concerning this is in the comments underneath the article “LiangHuBBB shares the best Funny & Cool Moments from 2018 in episode 110 of this long-running series”, the top one on the page. By now the comments have nothing whatever to do with the video the article is about.

I’m told that last year, there was a major scare concerning the possibility of the site closing. I have no way of knowing if this has anything to do with that, but it’s on people’s minds and we’re worried.

If any of the staff of Shoryuken.com see this, I’d like to request an update. We understand that stuff happens, and you may not be able to share everything with us. But I’m hoping staff will be able to share with us anything they can, and just let us know you’re out there and listening.

Thanks, everyone. I’ve had a lot of fun chatting here, no matter what happens.

They actually wanted to close the forums last year but not the site.

I can’t comment on the lack of activity on there but I always felt like the site was lagging behind the news a bit.

maybe they are busy with making the youtube videos?

there you get your answer

Ah, thanks for the update. As for the news cycle…yeah. SRK has always been a day behind, say, Siliconera. It’s my hope the upcoming changes will help with that.

Thank you. I admit, I don’t have a Facebook account and will not get one, but that means it prevents me from seeing updates like that. Facebook doesn’t want you doing -anything- but logging in if you’re not logged in.

As for the update, that’s great news! Here’s to hoping we’ll see the updates soon.

you mean twitter. you dont need a account for it to see all the messages.