Terra Nova - Fox/Spielberg New Sci Fi Epic

Wesker looked like he had 8 extra abs in those shirtless scenes wtf

this weeks episode


what a rookie mistake. building your camp on a spawning ground? that’s some shit just_prime would do.

Quartich was good again. still don’t wanna do any of these chicks though :bluu:

need to chill with random overacting and cheesy lines. otherwise its allright so far.

Heh, same here.

since it’s such a simple mistake, maybe the writers were intelligent enough to throw out there the possibility that dinosaurs wouldn’t be able to percieve the humans anyway

but I havent seen the show nor will I because TV doesn’t interest me

good thing you posted.

for people that actually watch the show


i was reading a comment that was kind of interesting and sad on another forum: very few people do anything. like many of these people were chosen to go to TN because they are the best and brightest but we see very few people doing stuff outside of the family and the extras they are interacting with. Quartich is like the president of the colony. why the shit is he going out on missions that could get him killed- especially in this week’s episode with the flying douchebagasauruses? why is he not telling other people to do that kind of stuff? i could see if he was like “ok Wesker, go spray that pussy mist over there to get them away from our camp- also let them hump your car until they get tired and then you can come back” because as far as their society is, Wesker is somewhat expendable. no, he gets a gun and is like “let’s get some-” which is badass, but stupid as hell.

Managed to finally catch up, I’m enjoying the show but yeh there are ridiculous situations that people are finding themselves in. Like that stupid school girl that at the beginning agreed that they were too far from the camp, but then freaks out and decides to sprint for freedom. Somehow she manages to survive longer than 5 highly trained freaking marines and gets saved WTF, infact all the kids lived :confused:

Only thing I did like about this episode is the relationship between the two parents, feels like there is genuine chemistry going on there.

What the hell happened to “Fire, the only thing that these animals understand” , whats the point of showing them do survival training if they aren’t even going to use it. I was expecting the little kid that got left in the lounge to break out her lighter and scare those things away with a tiny flame.

okay I’m actually annoyed by the show now that I think about it :bluu:

Watched the new ep and I now think I understand the tone of the show…

my predictions so far


  1. The asshole son will develop a strong relationship with Skye, and when it starts to get serious, his old girl will somehow make it to TN, and a dumb love triangle will begin. One of the broads will get emotional for obvious reasons and run into the goddamn jungle. Pretty boy will have to save her ass.

  2. The mole in TR is the female lieutenant. She has made enough appearances so that we are aware of her presence, but hasn’t stood out. So, when the “shocking” revelation occurs, we are suppose to say “ahhh I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN.” Fuck that, I know NOW. It’s her. There is going to be a point where Jim may suspect that it may be the doc who wants to seduce his wife, but it’s not him.

  3. The daughter will also develop a relationship with that bitch-made soldier (seriously how does your armed ass get knocked out by a Zubat, pathetic). Not really sure what else will happen between these two at this point, but I’m positive he will lead her into some kind of trouble since she is an innocent know-it-all, and he is a soldier.

This past episode was ok. The camp seemed to understand the nature of the bats way too quickly though. And did the producers actually try and build some kind of dramatic moment during that segment with the little girl under the table? Who the fuck would fall for that shieeeeeeet? I wouldn’t be surprised at all if she goes the entire series unwounded. And the doc and Jim’s wife seemed to have had some kind of orgasmic moment when they solved the sex spray. Ahhhhhh yeahhhhhhh.[/details]