Tell me the logical of this glitch

It’s been probably five months after I talked about the glitch here on this board (don’t bother looking for it, I deleted twice, since no one understood me), and I still don’t understand how it works.

Projectile Super Cancel Glitch

What is it: A glitch that allows projectiles to move during super freeze animation time, when they regularly should freeze, thus making it a glitch (I seriously doubt Capcom would program such a thing like this). During super freeze time, characters are invincible, thus no one gets hit during super freeze time. Evidence of this is when you perform this glitch on Oro’s SAII, which moves too slow so that at the end of super freeze time, the character who performed the glitch gets hit by Oro’s projectile, since after invincibilty the projectile is in the middle of the character’s hitbox.

Restrictions: Only characters who can cancel their projectiles into a super art can do this. Also, the glitch can only be done on multi-hit projectiles like super arts and ex moves. Akuma’s red fireball (HCB+any punch) will not work since his fireball can be diminished by one-hit projectiles.

How to execute it: When an enemy throws a multi-hit projectile (excluding Akuma’s), throw a special move projectile or ex projectile, then immediately do a super art (use buffering to achieve this).

Explanation: This is what I am currently trying to figure out. I have no idea how it works, but I am guessing that it involves something to do with the collision of the fireballs, and when that collision is interrupted by the super freeze (the interruption of the collision seems to happen in an instant).

Why I believe this might be the case is because when you do this glitch when someone does something like hadouken xx Shinku Hadouken, the hadouken freezes while Shinku Hadouken flies through the character that performed the glitch, and goes off the screen. The collision only happens to Ryu’s SAI and the glitcher’s projectile. The opponent’s hadouken appears nowhere near Ryu’s SAI, because it travels fast than a regular hadouken.


not again?!

strong, strong, low strong.

works only on crouching Alex

why not make a video and show us what you mean if you want us to understand your glitch. since clearly, nobody understands what you’re saying.

yeah. because people don’t understand, they can’t help you understand.

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A minor malfunction, mishap, or technical problem; a snag: a computer glitch; a navigational glitch; a glitch in the negotiations.

how about we leave it at that? i mean, it’s not like anyone puts up a thread about why shotos can otg the living daylights out of dudley, or why necro sometimes floats around like a mofo.

edit: minor grammatical glitch.

Yes, your right about the glitch part. So then it must be an error, or just possible by Capcom’s coding, and it was unintentional.

Sorry about my incoherent post, but I believe now I can describe it well now. As for the video, I would have done it a long time ago if I had the money or equipment, which I don’t still to this day. Perhaps I’ll do it in the future.

Anyhoo, I have the basic idea how it happens, which it is exactly what I had guessed. By interrupting the collision of specific projectiles, it is possible for those projectiles that had collided to move during super freeze.

True, it is useless pondering what are the exact explanations to why this oddities work. Then, I believe it must have been that I was too excited when I saw that it is possible for Ibuki to recover from Yoroi Doushi (SAII), during super freeze. While this possibillity might not be useful, it’s still a spectacle to see.

Yes! It might be a glitch… OR a glitch. Very well put.

I understand what he’s trying to say, but I’ve never seen it in action.

When did projectiles not move during super freeze? IIRC that’s why magz hyper-grav tempest works.

It’s because the projectile was negated with a hit at the same moment the super was activated.


I still dont understand what he means, I need to see a video of this.

He’s been waiting almost 9 years for this.

There was actually a video online that specifically talks about this glitch. It was really interesting and you saw the most examples come from Ibuki: after parrying her Kunai immediately before the Super freeze for SA1, the player will be completely mobile DURING the freeze. Ibuki will be invulnerable during that freeze though, and you won’t be able to hit her out of anything until the screen turns bright again.

The Ibuki one happened to me a long time ago on ye olde Mame++ Kaillera netplay once. IIRC Ibuki threw a kunai which I as Urien punched away with stand strong and then as she canceled it into as super, I was able to move freely during the super freeze. I didn’t know wth was happening so I didn’t really do anything but strut around a bit and then blocked, but it sure was weird.

I asked about it and had a new era video,

EX flash chop vs FBall Aegis

And got a very detailed video with many setups. System mechanics thread!

Err, reading it over. Mine is not exactly what’s going on in here. The video might have some with the multi hit fireballs.

And I’ve done Jab Hadoken xx Denjin (release right away) = only 1 parry on my opponent

or even Fireball vs Akuma multihit fireball, point blank, no chance to Denjin.

That’s the same idea, though. The application is different only because Ibuki is airborne and Urien is grounded. Besides that it’s essentially the same “glitch”. Imagine if this was intentional and that’s how far we were supposed to take the game?

We sure had big shoes to fill.


>> Round 1 @ 59

Way better than what mine Accomplished. Invincible katsudorororo