Tekken Throw Break Trainer for IOS & Android

Hello there!)
I recently created throw break trainer for iOS & android.

Here it is :
for android
and for ios

some features

  • all grab types, 1, 2 and 1+2 for 2 player sides with 3 size characters, jack, jin and ling
  • training mode with x1, x0.75, x0.5 or x0.25 slow motion
  • ranked mode with for only one mistake on normal game speed
  • in ranked mode you can earn tekken-like ranks by successful throwbreaks in a row
  • your best ranked score was posted into global leaderboard

some weak ios devices have lags, i fixed it, update for ios version is in “Waiting For Review” state.
android version have no global ranks leaderboard, i fix will it later.

my trainer is free, but have ads with some free games in main menu
there are 2 easy ways to remove this annoying ads

  • just buy remove ads inapp
  • or click at banner and install free game, you don’t need to play and can instantly remove it. around 1-3 click & install - and game will be banner-free for 1-2 days

if you have any idea to improve this trainer - post it here!)