Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Unlimited: The hype thread!

There’s rumors this game could be out as early as September. That’s not far off. Even the Logo is hype


Oh yes It’s King of Iron Fist Time. Dat Tag 2 BOIIIIIIII!!!

Please talk about how hype YOU are below.

Well Im really interested. Havent played a tekken game since 4, but all this bullshit about sfxt has piqued my interest quite a bit for tekken. Lol ah man I remember mashing out random combos with eddy when i was a kid, tekken 3 was dat shit back then, good times.

ahhh eddy the days of mashing 3,4. This game seems to be bringing the production quality back to the pre t6 days even the music is kinda throwbackish. I feel you on SFXT the most positive thing it has done is confirm me for 3d games for the rest of my days

I’m pretty hype since even though I’ve been playing Tekken all my life, this game will be the first one I play competitively, so I’m pretty excited. The ability to pick one character is kind of weird though, but I’ll be using two regardless.

I must ask. I hated Tekken 6. Another guy posted quite well why, so I’ll copy/pasta it (its also true):

So I must ask…are the juggle combos as pants on head retardedly long in Tag 2? Since apparently Bound is rearing its ugly head again…or should I continue to stick with T5DR?

Eh, I’m not feeling the 1vs2 and 1vs1 options they included. The former looks like it gives the solo character an advantage over the other two tagging, and the latter just makes the game look just like T6 (which looks boring after being spoiled with vids of Tag2).

I’d rather they included stuff like more stages, intros, winposes in line with the balance changes instead of two unneccessary game modes. As long as 2vs2 is the standard like how KOFXIII keeps it’s standard of 3 on 3 over 1 on 1 then it’s cool tho.

Juggle combos in TTT2 for the most part are the same length as they were in T6. Why would you expect anything shorter considering you have two characters to work with instead of just one now? Besides, because the lifebar gets bigger between every game you’ll net the same amount of damage in one juggle in T6/TTT2 as you would in DR (which is why there are more hits to compensate).

And of course the bound mechanic is still there, otherwise they’d be taking a step back instead of progressing forward. It’s been tweaked a little bit to intergrate rather nicely within the game’s system with how you can switch characters mid-combo and looks flashy to boot. In T6, it ultimately felt like a combo extender mechanic tacked on just to keep it from being just like DR, yet in this game it looks like a natural addition for how the game traditionally works.

Substansially long combos are in EVERY fighting game, so I don’t get why only Tekken gets shit on for it.

It’s finally here.


Alisa is going to be a major asshole to deal with once again. :arazz:

If by asshole you mean not rock bottom tier then yes she is back.

Wrong. longer means more time in the air, which is cheap and unfun to both play and watch =\

Wrong. Bound was a step backward. Getting rid of it would be admitting fault and stepping forward. Strategy was largely thrown out the door in favor of just learning bound based combos =\

I’ll need proof of this…links plz?

Its not about the long combos per-say…its more about the long juggles and how obnoxious they are within the gameplay of Tekken. Even then, I liked Juggling in Tekken until 6 came along and made them longer, and thus less fun =\ Hell, with bound, it essentially made you have double-the-length combos for essentially free

Yeah… no offense dude, but you’re giving me that “juggling is cheap” vibe.

I mean I don’t necessarily like how juggle combos is emphasized in 6, but that doesn’t mean the spacing and strategy aren’t completely neglected. I dont consider myself to even be that great at the game, yet the juggles dont really annoy me nearly as much as how easier it is for some characters to launch compared to others. I still think it’s a good game even though I can understand how it rubbed some people the wrong way.

Staple combos in T6 only seem long when you’ve just got off the trails of T5DR or if you never really paid attention to the franchise before. Compared to all the 30 second Marvel 3 and BlazBlue bnbs, a 7-8 second T6 staple combo is hardly what I would call lengthy in this day and age. The bound mechanic itself isn’t broken or unbalanced in any way, so it’s fine.

And speaking of which, how is an opinion wrong? The hell? Taking out bound would have a step back because T6 without bound/rage = high-def rehash of T5. If you want to keep your series fresh and to keep people interested in it, you’ll have to take chances and alter the system a bit. If the guys at Namco didn’t add in new mechanics/properties/etc. for EVERY Tekken, people would have cried out “this is the same damn game as the last one!”

With how bound works now, you can do a Tag Assault to get your partner in for more damage + red life taken in exchange for your red life lost, or just do a solo combo with no tag for less damage to let one of your characters slowly regenerate health. So there’s more strategy that can be applied to how you play. Tag Crashes can break up 50/50s after a wall combo which resets the situation.

But just watch some vids of the game in action and judge for yourself (try KimChangYang’s channel). Chances are if you weren’t feeling the juggle combos in T6, you won’t feel them for Tag2.

Ok lets look at a Tekken 6 combo’s notation for Anna: d/f+2, d/f+1, d/f+3,2~SS+3 B! which after the bound ender would be about 5 strings which is equivalent to a 5 hit combo seems really long to me -_-. Lets look at a braindead MvC3 combo Wesker: L,H,M,S, J.M,J.M,J.H,J.S, Dash+Assist, Gunshot, S, J.M,J.M,J.H,J.S,Gunshot into team super or reset or whatever the fuck. You should never be talking about the combos in Tekken ever. Hell we’re all supposed to be competetive players here. Combo’s in your mind should look like: Oh sweet whiff punish opportunity>Launch>Damage> Oki / setup.

So nice to see this put into words cuz this is exactly how everyone should think about combos

Theres a lotto they are doing for exclusive artwork on jp tekken-net ive been collecting what i can find off the net Ill periodically update with more pics as they come up


heres the first one for yall

I wholeheartedly agree. I don’t see how bounds affected strategy at all, they just made combos a tiny bit longer. Some people complain about lack of innovation in Tekken making it stale, and that was Namco’s attempt at innovation. Sure, it wasn’t that great, but it didn’t affect the game THAT much to be such a big negative. Combos are DEFINITELY longer in games like mvc3 or even sfxt, where you see a generic hitconfirm into whatever, yawn 20 seconds later they’re finally out. In fact, I dare say there’s more strategy after you juggle to decide whether you wanna go for a wall-carry or raw-damage or oki setup, whatever.

I don’t see how T6 was THAT BAD as everyone mentioned. Again, I think it’s just the staleness that gets to people, when they realize that bounds and rage aside, it is similar to T5 and they’ve had enough. I don’t feel the Tekken system in general lends itself well to wacky mechanics since the series doesn’t do anything like cancelling animations or whatnot. I mean, imagine if Tekken had some sort of FADC mechanic where you could cancel certain strings into others, or whatever. It wouldn’t really fit in with the pseudo-realistic fluidity of the system.

Anyways, I’m hype for TTT2 even though I feel like right now, the game is a little unbalanced infavor of the 1 in 1v2. The 1 character gets a LOT of damage and health, and in a game like this where you only have to knock out one character to beat a team, and the solo character does like 2/3rds health damage off a juggle on a team character, it seems skewed. Hopefully they balance it out a little bit, or the tourney standard is 2v2 required.

I won’t lie, I was one of the “fuck bounds, fuck rage!” people a year or so ago. Looking back and playing T6 again now, I feel pretty dumb. B! really didn’t drastically change strats, aside from how you punish and learning new combos. Rage is debatable, but it’s not nearly as big of a deal as I once thought.

In either case, I couldn’t be more hyped for TTT2U if I tried. Well I could, but I’m sure my pants would catch on fire and my head would explode.

T6 Rage/Bounds/Floorbreaks are all things that initially made me want to play T6(original) when it was new in the arcade because I didn’t have a Arcade that had DR, or a PS3 at the time(to play DR) and I only had the chance to grind the hell out of console T5(which was a mixed bag to be honest but was leaps and bounds[no pun intended] better then T4) ._.’

as for tag2 I personally only played it twice and there were long ass lines to play so only having 20mins tops, I can’t give a really clear judgement, but like other players…I felt that movement was smoother, almost DR like in someways, and Jaycee is easily one of my favorite things about the game…I like the choice in picking 1 or 2 characters though, it’s really interesting because you can play the game like T6 or play it like Tag…so its more players choice, and people eat that shit up…but overall the console version looks really solid…I just wished the game looked as good as it’s Arcade sibling.

>_>’ I want Kunimitsu to come back…to make legit Ninja team…

Definitely interested in this game. Liking how namco is handling this game.

Maaaaaaaaaan you and me both. I miss Kunimitsu.

Bounds actually significantly improved combo diversity since it allowed you to follow up with different moves to achieve different aims. In the small sense it was for varing oki, for instance julia can follow a bound with fff+1 for a strong oki setup if you have the space[as well as max open air dmg] d2,3/df1,2 for wall carry or df1,3,1+2 for ground spike. Or just df 1,3/ff1 for a reset. The reason you rarely see these outside of reset based chars[lei, eddy, etc] is the strength of the wall game and the general difficulty in being launched in the first place. Also the dmg doesn’t vary wildly generally.

In terms of the wall however, I REALLY like how B! lets you decide how to get there, like for leo you can do df2[launch] 1111 14 and save the bound for the wall, or do something the generic combo [launch] b1,4 df uf1 db22 B! ff43 for W!. But you can mix it up wildly depending on where you are. Bound earlier if the wall is closer for instance. Or use different moves than the 111 14 stuff to wall carry instead of db22 use uf12 for instance. Or bound earlier and then you can follow B! with qcf 321. Its still a combo mechanic so its not exactly a mindblowing science, but it does open up a variety of possibilities.

TTT2 is awesome BTW, I honestly like it more than 6 so get this game!

The link below shows almost all 131 promotional hand-drawn illustrations for the game, all neatly compiled for viewing pleasure.


Only one of Heihachi’s is missing I think.