Tekken Hybrid

I’m just curious if anyone is picking this up? If anyone doesn’t know what TH is, it’s a Tekken package that includes Tekken Tag HD, Tekken Tag Tournament Prologue, and a animated film. The retail price is $39.99. It is a Playstation exclusive. If people are interested in SFxTK, but are unfamiliar with Tekken and it’s characters this might be a good place to start. Especially since Tekken Tag is regarded as 1 of Tekken’s best games.

Yeah, I’ll be getting it mainly for Tekken Bowl and the taste of TTT2 they have on the disc.

Wow…I totally forgot about Tekken bowl lol. I’m looking forward to arcade mode and playing against my friends like we once did back in the day. I’m pretty excited for this and it will hold me over until SFxTK.

Also, for those who don’t know. Tekken tag has vs, team vs, arcade, and mini games. The game has been updated to hd. Tekken prologue is more or less a demo of TTT2. You can’t beat 40 bucks for that and a movie.

40 bucks only? Really? For some reason I thought it costed a bit more. This is good news to me!

I know this is a bit off topic but isn’t KOFXIII about 40 bucks too?

Whens the release for TTH?

KOF is 50.

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I haven’t played a Tekken since the second, I was thinking about picking up 6, is this a better place to start?

You should wait for “Tekken Tag Tournament 2”

I have Tekken Hybrid and it is good for the price. The HD treatment didnt really do to much for me but I’m just glad to be able to play my Bryan/Hwarong team again.