Tekken Dr gone

man when i actually wanted to learn tekken it leaves. right now 5.1 is in the machine. Dr was sent to olympia for some unknown dumb reason. ill expect the machine to be back jus lik 3s but still kinda gay.

Im moving 2 seattle, they got better compition anyway!!! FUCK TILT, FUCK OLYMPIA for that matter. This shit is gay, the only reason to go to TilT is gone.

No DR but possibility for KoF11? gay.
now lets all go play on console, woo.

…what the fuck?

And this coincides with rumors regarding the arrival of DR at Federal Way Tilt. CONSPIRACY!!!

Seriously, that just fucks you guys in the ass, huh?

Fuck that shit man, why is the PDX Tilt like the scene killing arcade and shit?? First moving 3S to bumfuckoregon then moving DR to Olympia. Wowzors.

dam…thats a good way to lose business

…the fuck, they moved their DR to OLYMPIA??? Fucking OLYMPIA???

that hella sucks

This sucks so much fucking ass. so much that I think i’m gonna send em an email or start a petition or something. I wanna fucking slap someone but it’d do no good cause we’d still be minus tekken. Any Portlanders who read this thread should send tilt emails and bitch about moving the fucking game when people were playing it, and bitch about how you’ve changed your cards to DR or bought new ones and now they’re fucking useless. :annoy:

whats the email addy…I’ll complain fo sho!

go to www.tilt.com and then click contact at the top of the page

yea everybody on srk should send a complain even if it doesnt affect you

I wrote my letter to tilt.com, Have you!?!?!?!

i complained too

:clap: yay for olympia having tekken DR :clap:

tito stfu. looks lik DR is coming back now and we got kof11 which is aite.

whats gay is cvs2 is gone lol

o yea this is sam

CVS2??? well i guess thats a fair trade. But how many people complained anyways??? Did they get the point???

Anyways let me know when it comes back, I’m gonna throw another DR tourny, maybe alongside 3rdstrike or something…

hi five

wow, why can’t Tilt keep all their games at one time? I don’t play CvS2 but it didn’t seem like the game was really dead there? Oh well, yay for KoF XI and stuff.

hell yes, we need another 3rd Strike tourney.

Welll so tilt goes to fuckin up to fucking up again!!!

WHY the hell put in KOF11. Why the fuck do you put in KOF anything, This is OREGON. not Southern california. Only mother fuckas that play kof at tilt is Mexicans and white boys tryen to ride with mexicans. Fuck all that. wasting fucking time on niggas.

BITCH! Shut the fuck you Dicklick i play kof.