Tekken Chicken (Android App)

For those of you wanting a compiled list of frame data at your finger tips you have to look for further.
Tekken Chicken: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.TerreeblayApps.tekken.chicken&hl=en

This app will give you access to things like: Frame Data, Punishers, Launchers, Bound Moves, Natural Combos (including Natural Combos on Counter) Wall Splat moves and much more.

-This app is still under development, but you do have access to all characters frame data.
-This app is being ported to iOS soon as well, so you iPhone and iPad junkies can have your fix too! :slight_smile:

(Also if someone could sticky this so I can push updates and what they consist of that would be pretty sweet and very helpful to the community that’s wanting to focus on their TTT2 game)

This is pretty cool, but I’ll have to wait until the iOS release. What are your thoughts on this?