Tekken Art

The Family Loss.

I like how you drew Kazuya. The entire theme of the picture is a great idea as well. Thumbs up, guy.

Excellent theme and feel… i think this is a great tribute!

I like the theme and feel of your piece. If I had to nitpick I would try and make Jin a little smaller as well as Jun. Doing this will create a little more depth between the characters and help with the overall dynamics of this piece.

Thats not bad advice but, I find the depth perception to be fine the way it is imo. Though if I did what you suggested it would just incease distance more which would seem more to your liking. so its really either or. Thanks for your comment. You to yusuf and Jdr.

also go with more atmospheric perspective. You’re kinda doing it right now, but add a bit more warm highlights from the sunset to Jun. And since this is a sunset coming from the background you should add more shadows to the characters. It will make the warm highlights more dramatic with it contrasting the darker shadows.

Damn, your right. I don’t know how I forgot to add shadows. Excellent Advice. But since I already closed the book on any further adjustments, I’ll take it into consideration on my next pic. Good lookin out.

Pretty cool pic nova. What i see that you can do is put better shape in the picture. Moved the tombstone to the right because it was fusin in with his hands. The guy in the foreground should go darker since they are closer to the camera. Also think that the aura isnt necessary. Bottom part of the sky should be lighter in that kind light so the foreground charater gets better silhouette treatment.

Overall great pic with nice dynamic lighting. Here is a paintover to help out.

what kind of brush is that?!?!?!?!?

Thats excellent man. Thanks for the reference SFMC. This will really help me out in the future.

Eh Nova, what’s up? Cool pic homie, That better not be Heihachi tombstone! But yea, all the poses are nice, I think I like Jin’s the best. Now that I think about it, it cant be hachi’s tomb cuz I know they dont give a fuck bout him, its probably Jun’s right?

Nothin man just chillin. Naw G I’m afraid its Heihachi’s tombstone. And your right they wouldn’t give a damn about him. But I just drew this as a “what if” gesture. U know what im saying? Just somethin I wanted to do. I mean even if it is Jun’s tomb, there’s no way in hell Jin and Kazuya would be up there together without them trying to tear in to each other. And I added Jun in the picture puttin the flowers on the tomb even though she’s dead, So I just drew this for my own satisfaction. you feel me. But uh thanks for ya comments.

nice colours, SFMC already gave good advice on the lighting.
cool pic.

Thanks, bro.

Its a good pic i supose, but you can work on your inking. and/or work on larger paper cos the girl in the backs face looks kinda cramp.
Some of your highlights are off too its hard to pin point the sun. Look at Jin… .IMO.

nce atmostphere you got there.

Good lookin out g. You pretty much hit the nail on the head with your crit. I didn’t have my proper mediums to produce top notch work. Its just something I drew on a whim anyway, so It’s all good. Good lookin out though.