Tekken 7 arcade stick buttons layout

Hello I am new here, and i just got my arcade stick to play Tekken 7 and I have a question about the buutons layout like what do R1,R2,L1 and L2 means i know that square is left punch triangle is right punch and x is left kick and that circle is right kick but i dont know about all the others thank in advance for those who help

Also sorry for bad ENglish im not a native speaker

Triggers and bumpers

Ummm and what are those ? im new to the game as well forgot to mention…

They don’t mean anything. You can assign button combinations to them but otherwise just use the 4 main buttons and turn those off.

What @Snubnoze said.
It doesn’t matter wat R1, L2 etc means, this is a naming convention for a controller. Just assign the actions to the buttons you want.

Not to leave you hanging though, the bumpers and triggers are the buttons on the back of a controller.
R1 = Right Bumper
R2 = Right Trigger

L1 = Left Bumper
L2 = Left Trigger

As you can see the naming convention refers to a controller

Just use this button layout:
LP RP ? ?
LK RK ? ?

You can assign whatever action you want on the “?” buttons.

OK thank you all ,you gave me the answer I was needed :slight_smile: