Tekken 6, worth buying now?

Couple months ago I got a hold of an Xbox 360 and TTT2 after a hiatus from most console games (Tekken included) since Tekken 4 ish… maybe 5 for a little bit. Is 6 worth getting now? I’ve heard it sucks but I wanted to hear opinions.

tekken 6 it doesn’t suck but have to say since i got TTT2, i found myself to play it less and less. now that i have DoA5, that and Tekken tag tournament 2 is all i play. So to sum it up. all n all tekken 6 is only worth buying if you intend to play it often .

Thanks. I heard it doesn’t have the regular story mode or ending movies? That may push me away from buying it.

yeah, the story mode is called scenario mode which you play as multiple character as you go along but you may stick with a character you like to play. Characters do have an ending movie. just beat arcade mode with them.

Oh ok. I may get it just for the heck of it then. Thanks :slight_smile:

np. might start back playing it just because i haven’t since i got TTT2, and that was when i first came out on 9/11.

If it’s a bargain then go for it. It’s the entry level game for modern Tekken, though with Tag 2 console having lots of stuff, yeah I suppose the 1p stuff of T6BR is good to pass the time.

These days, I only see T6 at the older arcades, when people make do where Tag 2 is occupied or unavailable.

You can get this game new for 10$ so ye.
But since TTT2 and TR are out almost no one is playing this game anymore or at least on PSN

U still play tekjen 6 akl the time on handheld. It still olays great. For home console it stll plays well but lacks some of the sparkle of TTT2

It lacks a lot more than sparkle.

Yeah, like input lag, tag shenanigans, and awful lighting and models. Also, offline ranks past 1st Dan on console with poor online…

Still play Tekken 6 for hours at a time, but often just turn off Tag 2 after a dozen matches. Shame really, first Tag is the only other Tekken game besides 6 that is well polished in the gameplay department.

Also, 6 on console has a beat 'em up section like Tekken Force if you are into that.

In my opinion Tekken isn’t too good game ;d