Tekken 6 to be on MLG's 2010 Pro Circuit

"The Perfect Combo
Tekken 6 for the Playstation 3 will be storming the Pro Circuit in 2010, beginning with MLG Orlando April 16-18. This fast-paced and highly technical fighter will bring together the most skilled competitors from all over the country to see who will emerge victorious in a season-long struggle for dominance.

Registration for MLG Orlando Opens March 17 at 7pm ET
The top 16 ranked players overall will earn pro status following the second Live Competition
Over $60,000 in season prizes. Full prize list
The first Tekken 6 Online Qualifier will be for MLG Columbus, and will help players boost their seed at all live competitions. Online Qualifier registration opens on March 15, and competition begins on March 29.
MLG is also making efforts to add Street Fighter IV to the Pro Circuit, and further announcements will be made if there are any developments on this.
More info coming soon!"


Get Hype!

Street Fighter iv; Why not Super Street Fighter IV?

I assume they mean it in a generic sense, similar to how, you know, this Tekken 6 is BR and all. I was wondering how long it would take this to get here.

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