Tekken 6 Limited Ed. Stick w/ game - Amazon - $77.99

Hopefully this won’t get me an infraction or if this needs to go to another thread lemme know, but Amazon’s got a great deal going on for the Tekken 6 Limited Edition Stick Bundle for PS3 and 360, both are $77.99 (from the hopefully previous $149.99) w/ free shipping. Again, if this needs to go to another thread, lemme know. Not sure if its limited time only but I’m just getting the word out while this deal is up.

Just type in Tekken 6, then move your cursor down to the wireless bundle.

The pricepoint at $77.99 is still pretty good from the MSRP

At one point it was sold on Amazon for $59.99 :frowning: . I wonder if it will go that low ever again.


that hot deal thread is hard to read since you dont know when it is updated and what is new.

the tekken bundle is good value. but if you don’t play tekken and just want the wireless stick, you need to unload it on craigslist (can fetch $30) or ebay ($2x) which can be additional work.

I just bought the wireless stick from ebay for $41 so I don’t have to sell the game (more work for me), which works out to be roughly how much I need to pay if I unload the game on ebay.

I wanted to mod it with sanwa parts following


but it seems like there are a lot of work and I have no tools except a screw driver :frowning:

And the 10mm additional height is a turn off.

I wished there is alternative way to mod this easier and use the hori shaft.