TEKKEN 6 Bloodline Rebellion Thread - PS3/XBOX 360 Oct. 27, PSP Nov. 3


             August 28, 2008


Okay it’s official. If you’re in Japan, ask your arcade operators(whoever is in charge of buying) and they should have the same info from Namco regarding the new upgrade.


wow that’s amazing, an upgrade already?

Maybe the last touches to the game for the final release for the Japan PS3 port release, who knows?
Just gonna have to wait till 20th rolls around, or have someone ask an arcade operator like MarkMan suggested.

Keep us posted MarkMan!!

The info is in October issue of Arcadia Magazine as well.


I saw the news earlier, read the acronym first and hoped T6BR meant ‘Bounce Removed’

… I’m bullshitting, I’m scrub-tier at that game.

So, is this going to be the version that get’s ported to PS3?

If it’s not, the Tekken scene in the United States will seriously suffer.

I certainly hope so, if not it should be downloadable content.

Sounds like “We need an excuse to nerf Bob and buff the piss out of DJ, Hei and Kaz” to me :razzy:

Lol, most likely will happen, I guarantee it, Namco has given the nod that they believe Mishima’s should always be strong, because storyline wise they are strong, lolz (Real Jin needs to stop flying under their fucking radar though, give that mofo back his Ewgf damn it! :smokin:).

However, I would hope that this one takes a good look at bound, and seriously do some modifications to it…I could barely stand Tekken 5 with all of it’s antics, but with Tekken 6, I just couldn’t tolerate the shit any longer.

Imo, keep the characters who where strong in T6 to stay strong (maybe modifying some slight bs, but nothing serious), while just simply improving characters who need improvement, I do not want to see the Nerf swatter go on overload, for I will be looking forward to seeing this upgrade.

So I assume Scamco is going to release the regular version of Tekken 6 on consoles and charge us for rebellion via DLC?

Sweet. If this is anything like how good DR was compared to T5, this’ll make T6 even more awesome, nice.

That and my character (Asuka) is on the lower end, so an upgrade never hurts, lol.

Sounds good to me

I can’t wait. Surely it has some tweaks for the Japan PS3 port.

I really, really hate, how Namco believes in intentionally overpowering characters. They’re not the only ones guilty of it either.

Yes, I really hope they do upgrade her. IMO,I think she was at her best in DR. Maybe this one will have similar results.


At least this explains why they are slacking with the PS3 release. I hope they nerf Bob, DJ, and Kaz a bit, fix that bound shit, and increase the stage size so there won’t be as much wall rape.

Cool name though. I see a trend.

T5: Dark Resurrection
T6: Bloodline Rebellion
T7: Chaos Revolution?

EDIT: Since when is Asuka bad in T6? She might be mid but she seems pretty damn solid.