Tekken 6 and NAMCO

**i was wondering how tekken 6 will look like after playing SC4 which was downgrade sadly… are u not worry that tekken 6 will be same disspointment??

namco…i dont trust u anymore!!!** :xeye:

Uh oh . . . :sweat:

ladyx needs to go die in a fire

I see lots of red and SK coming to close this thread.

Good Luck!!

Why is SC a downgrade?


I mean come on I wanted to see Cloud as a guest character and Sephiroth!

I hate you Namco!

I’ll let it rock for about 2-3 more hours.

Entertain me.

Fair enough.

Hey… d-do you remember w-when Spawn was in soul calibur?

Yeah… That was awesome.

/chris farley

Do you have any pictures of yourself? You are a woman, yes?

**i was wondering how sf4 will look like after playing 3s which was downgrade sadly… are u not worry that sf4 will be same disspointment??

capcom…i dont trust u anymore!!!** :xeye:

**i was wondering how tvc will look like after playing mvc2 which was downgrade sadly… are u not worry that tvc will be same disappointment??

capcom…i dont trust u anymore!!** :xeye:

i am not worry

What, me worry?

only moved because GD deserves a piece


come on sc4 isnt a downgrade…how do u downgrade from sc3.

i mean isnt yeong seong top tier now…right right? :sad:

time for some crazy gifs


How the fuck do you claim SC4 was a downgrade when SC3 was a downgrade?

i dont trust u anymore!! :xeye: