Tekken 6 $30 off at Best Buy through Sunday with this printable coupon!

That’s $30 OFF so it’s only $9.99!


You have to be a member of the reward zone but it’s a free sign up. Just thought I’d let you guys know I didn’t notice any other threads about it, or news on the front page, but feel free to ream me if I just suck at searching for an already made thread :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot, broski!

mis read sorry

Pretty sure its cheaper at Gamestop, not really worth getting though. Hate how it still plays about the same as the original where pop up combos are unfair.

For $10 that isn’t bad. I might finally pick it up for 360…good find.

No it’s $30 OFF so it’s only $10 total!

awesome. came out to 10 plus tax. from the looks of it, seems like they have to manual in the coupon, and get a shift leader/manager verification, they scanned the barcode but nothing happened. Good looking out man :slight_smile:

Yeah I dont know whats up. For me the barcode scanned and even listed the deal on the computer but it wouldnt go through, so they punched it in manually for me.

is it only for the 360 version? it says 360 on that coupon…

Yeah I think 360 only based on the coupon, sorry man