Tekken 5DR stick or pad?

ok I remember I went to Atlanta for a trip I went to the arcade at the underground and I found so many players that played pad on the DR machine,so I just have one question,do you think some characters are better suited for pad or stick? dont get me wrong I started on pad but now im a stick player.

-please dont bash me on this subject

It’s all over the place IMO. Some ppl say they can do electrics easier on pad and for others it’s easier on stick. I play pad BTW.

Pad is good for every character except mishimas. You can still be good with mishimas on pad but it’s hella lame. Pad is especially good for jack 5 and paul imo.

Korean stick is the only to go for devil jin and kazuya, but it’s a high learning curve and mishimas aren’t as good as they were in tag.

I personally prefer a stick, because it feels much more natural to me and it spares my thumbs the excessive workout. But for the Tekken franchise in general, I think the PS pad is as close to optimal as a gamepad is ever going to get for a fighting game. Unlike most fighting games, I can at least see the reasoning behind using a pad in Tekken.

yes,even though I can play stick well,I find it easier to play pad on tekken,im a Xiaoyu player

all about the stick

true I guess if I think about stick has its advantage in the long run,do the all of the top tekken players use stick?

nothing is better than playing T5 DR on a stick with sanwa parts.

Alot of the top Tekken players (in America, at least) like playing on pad. Spero Gin, who placed second at Evo this year, is a pad player. So are Filthy, DJ KOR, Crow. Top 8 in 5.0 @ Showdown 6 was almost all pad players - with the exception of Alex Valle and AznHitler.

I prefer playing stick myself. I play Bryan & the Mishimas and I don’t “trust” pad enough with those characters.

For the pad Tekken players, do you use your thumb or fingers for the attack buttons? I use thumb. I can’t get used to using fingers which sucks if I want to use certain characters(Bryan’s taunt). If Bruce gets a new move with 2+3+4 or something like that and he sucks if you don’t use it then that’s that for me.

i perfer stick, easier for me to press multiple button combinations because i don’t like put my hand “face on” the buttons, like most tekken players do (i hold the pad like i would playing any other game).

I think that Tekken is the only (popular) fighting game that plays even close to as well on a pad as on stick. More competitive Tekken players use pad than for any other game. Stick is still preferred by majority, though.

If you have a choice, you should always go stick.

I agree. Stick also allows you to be more precise, and how frustrating is it when you miss an input because your thumb slipped a little? Besides, have you seen any Jap/Korean top teams playing pad? There’s a reason why they’re all over the place and unbelievable precise; they play on the sticks, which are more precise, faster, and more streamlined for fighting games in general. Have you ever completed the full King throw combos on a pad? Didn’t think so.

Still, the pad definitely works well enough for competition. Lateral movement is undeniably better on a stick, though.

Actually I can do almost all of them consistently with Pad but still haven’t gotten the hang of them with my HRAP because I dont have the same muscle memory.

Might be because I’ve played Tekken on a pad since I got Tekken 1 the Xmas PS1 came out, and only recently started playing stick in the past year or two.

Nothing more satisfying than a Kings Bridge or Rolling Death Cradle though, thats for sure

Playing on pad is pretty acceptable in the tekken community (in NA at least) but for a very few characters, you can actually take your character further with stick.

i say that the two are okay, i play tekken better on pad, but i love using stickst too, so its a matter of what your most confortable with.

lately since i just started using sanwa stick and buttons, so far i love how they feel in tekken, still having a hard time pulling off neutral dragon punches with the mishimas though :P:sweat: but everything else is awesome on the sanwa stick

hmmm well im a Xiaoyu/Steve Fox player,what do you think those characters are more suited for?

Whatever you feel more comfortable using.

There’s really no “right answer” we can give you - it’s all up to you.

ok basically im equal with both I guess I can work with any situation :rofl: