Tekken 5 DR Tourny Portland Lloyd Center Tilt June 3 saturday 3pm

3$ dollar entry fee

1st 60% of entry fees
2nd 30%
3rd 10%
4th can o whoop ass

looks like its time for another one. Your soulz are mine~~

anyone wants to do marvel or 3rdstrike they are welcome too.

Or maybe KoF11?

what about marvel?

man don’t do marvel i will fuck everbody up

it can happen…but im not running it. someone else can.

I suggest someone tell junior that you are gonna run a either a Marvel or 3rd strike tourney before some random DDR jerkoff asks to run another 3 man KOF11 tourney!!! cuz thats just a waste of space!!!

what? there was a 3 man kof tourney? Why wasnt I one of those 3 men?

lol@ jetay

We might come this time.

if Theo and Random ironman show then I’ll throw a marvel tourny too, havent seen those guys in a while.

OKAY, i got the day off so ill help with the tourney and run the Marvel side of things!?!/!?!

P.S. I own Zig in life, Plus tekken, and white people in general!!!

i got a dollar on jetry

oops team shoto baby lol might have to play both now:)

No you guys aren't, after a event at Zach's......... yeah, just not gonna happen, but it would be nice!!!!!!

WTF, over?

Sorry for the late notice, but any chance you guys could raise the entry fee for Tekken to $5? It’s not that we demand a pot that’ll cover the cost of travel, 'cause that’s just not practical. But as it stands, if it’s just $3 (and pay-per-play too? Or is it free-play?), the cost of gas will undoubtably rape our wallets (in large part because our driver is almost broke after paying for a friend’s medical bill). I think we made the decision too late, otherwise we would’ve saved more money for the trip.

If it’s too much trouble, that’s fine, but a relatively small pot means we probably won’t come. Not trying to put you guys on the defensive, just making you aware of our predicament. Plus, how many people are expected to show for Tekken? You got 12 last time, and we’d bring 3 for sure, so that’s a $45 pot.

Edit: Good news! Our driver has a full tank of gas and got some money today, so at this point in time we’re good to go. Still, a larger pot WOULD be nice.^^

I can ask the tilt manager if 5 dollar entry fee is cool. but it is pay as you play. I dont think he’ll have a problem with that.





Dude, the three people playing KOF 11 don’t take up as much room as JeGay, so I really don’t see why it didn’t happen.