Tekken 5 DR Tournament:Brownsville;10/13/07

Think You Are the Best? Come show us what YOU got!

There will be a Tekken 5 DR Tournament in at Tilt in the Sunrise Mall on 10/13/07

Rules and Fees are as follows:

Entry Fee: $10.00
Sign up today at Tilt to avoid any problems.
Gaming will hopefully begin by 3:00pm maybe postponed to 4:00pm

PS2 Controllers will be allowed.
(Arcade Joysticks work properly too.)

Double Elimination; Best 2 of 3 rounds.
Game will be set on free play.

1st: $100
2nd: $50
3rd: $25
Cash prizes will go up if we get enough players!
Also, all winners’ names will go up on “The Wall” and remain there until you are defeated by another opponent.

2370 N. Expressway
Brownsville, Tx. Sunrise Mall, Tilt

How did this get stickied?!? >_>

But yeah, hopefully you all show up and stuff. I won’t play but I’ll be there to watch if anything.

“Get Stickied”(how do u spell stickyd, stickied?)

I simply asked “Javi” the admin. to “sticky” it for me on the “get stickied” thread.