Tekken 5:DR Online

So I’m pretty sure there might be some other T5:DR thread out there doing god knows what, but I’ve created this one in hopes that real tekken fans and skilled players will lend me there thoughts on this particular game.
My main goal in T5:DR is to become famous and renown around Evo and other such big tournaments as a champion(haven’t really put any effort towards that one yet). No one is certain when the new T6 is coming out so we might have to deal playing T5:DR Online for another year(maybe less).
But yeah anyway, the reason i started this thread is because I would like your input on what this game means so far to you. Like your pros and cons of playing online and such.
My main problem with online is the lag and that there hasn’t been an update to try and perfect this game at all.
And yeah also I have a problem with that retarded ass ranking system online, its
all screwy. Sometimes if you win you rank down, sometimes when you lose you rank up? And even a few times if you lose 1/11 wins you get a rank down. Like wtf?

On this thread I would also like it if you guys could tell me who’re your favourite characters in this game and things you like and dislike and even things you would change.
You could also list your PSN ID’s here for setting up matches and letting people know who you think is worth anyones time of playing online.

So what do you think of this crap online version of tekken?

I don’t care for rank because of the lag and the cheesy players. There r some players that like to just like to spam the same moves, with the same character, and when they finally lose they quickly leave the room ( for rank). I can play good decent matches when I can find small group of people who feels the same way though. I usually play in the morning till the afternoon because I work at night unless I’m off.

<–psn name…:tup:

playstation network > tekken 5 DR online MESS

Personally i think the game is a complete waste of time it’s disgusting in fact, i love how one minute you got full green bars then the next yours empty and your foe still has his and visa versa, it’s a joke.
Another thing that is dumb is why do people make 6 man rooms especially ones with crap connections.
Oh by the way i would not read to much into somebodys rank not just on DR but on ANY online game, i find online ranking systems to be a complete farce ranking up is only a matter of spending a shitload of time on the game, while yes you need to win also, the average level of opponants is rubbish, if this is the future of fighting games then grow me a mullet like the guy from renegade and cast me in a teen romp flick wearing my reebok pumps, yeah anyway i’m sure you’ll find more people willing to talk about DR in the psn thread

Yeah its real hard to want to invest any time on DR online. I mean you got people who are so rank whorish that they leave the room after they lose and try to go to another room to get some easy wins.

I’ve some matches on some bullshit cause of lag.
Supposedly theres a patch coming out for it but who know when it’ll hit US PSN network.

Bottom line, i invest more time playing non-online matches.

What’s said pretty much sums up T5DRO. I can execute a combo towards perfection but have trouble with the same strings online, and online play really fucks up your psyche during offline tourney play because of all the lag tactics involved online. Personally, I don’t play much anymore because of the lag and average ping in some rooms. Some rooms can be running smoothly then another guy comes in and lags

There’s also sore losers online, when their lag tactics don’t work then they boot the rooms best player.

yeah i hate being kicked if your like just entering a room and your rank is high, or if you’ve beaten the room master.
its funny that when you’ve found a good connection with another player and they’re not that skilled and they go leaving and then you have to play with laggers again, online is really a pain in the ass. playing T5DR offline with skilled friends is hella fun though, i can’t wait to see what T6 plays like. some people are saying it isn’t very good.

has anyone played that ziggyfeild guy?
i personally think he plays a lot of bums and gains his 7000 wins like that, my dragunov mopped the floor with his marduks eyebrows then he kicks me.
theres a player with the names sigma17 and i think he’s better than ziggy.

I played ziggy and yes he does gain win by playing bums…

i heard theres an update thats coming out, but i think its only in japan.

See thats the problem that i have. People are so afraid of losing and learning from the loss that they feel the need to play scrubby people just so there record can look cool.

welcome to online gaming

Bear in my mind this sort of my first time in online fighting gaming. I played around with DOA4 online but it didn’t catch my interest.

Alright, so i tried playing this online yesterday and it was surprisingly better than i thought it would be. Maybe i’m just lucky but 80% of my matches were extremely playable. Not VF5 quality, but pretty close. In terms of lag, i’d probably rank it between DOA4 and VF5.

i wonder if it is because this game isn’t on a game disc thats why its laggy?
cod4 and turok aren’t really laggy at all for online games, hopefully T6 will be on disc.

and also another question i’d like answer’d is if anyone here plays or knows anyone who plays
T5DR with an arcade stick?

Ziggy plays pretty much everybody. He usually only kicks people if he has a friend in the room that he likes playing. He’s a great offline player too. Tournament wins and high placings in majors. He plays steve offline from what I understand.

bottom line, ziggy is garbage.

All of the DRO threads have been hiding in the PSN subforum.

On-topic, I’ve had some very smooth games, so It’s not like the netcode is crap or anything. It’s tough finding a good, smooth game, though. Dethklok, considering you’re in Edmonton you probably have an even worse time than I do.

It would be nice to be able to filter out rooms that aren’t 3/5 rounds.

yeah its very hard to get a good non-laggy match happening online, most people are dick head losers who don’t want to add because they think they’re too good for you or that your too good for them. even if there is a good connection with someone it usually doesn’t last too long. i’ve started to play tekken offline a lot more and i do enjoy it loads more than being lagged to death online.

i hate noob ass losers who think they’re better than me and think that bruce is top tier,
everyone knows bruce is nothing compared to the mishimas and yeah some people really
appreciate there laggy wins. doesn’t matter how many times you win, if they get one laggy win they think they’re good and then trash talk you.
i hate noobs.

There’s so much lag it’s practically unplayable.

so yeah tekken online is garbage, but offline i damn love this game.
there is so much time and skill needed to become an actual challenge, thats
why i love this game offline.
the tournaments offline are crazy fun and yeah no one can say lag or anything like that.

you know what else really grinds my gears?

people who beat you online automatically think they
could just rape you offline…
that really grinds my gears.

Yeah online this is ugh

I have not met one person yet who will volunteer to go pick their character first. Normally this doesn’t bother me, but after a few matches I’d like to know what I’m up against before I pick. Not that it really matters, it’s pretty much going to be Asuka, Lili, or Law v_v