Tekken 5 and Hori EX2 console parts

Hey guys, I have about 22 buttons from the Tekken 5 stick and Hori EX2s. 5 of the buttons are not red, the rest are red.

Then there two Tekken 5 joysticks (just the sticks). One of the red balltops is cracked pretty bad, the other is fine. I also have a green Hori EX2 balltop which seems to fit okay.

No PCB’s, just the two sticks, 3 balltops (one cracked) and the buttons, all in used condition, but useful for repairs etc.

17 bux shipped within Continental US, paypal or money order only. :tup:

If you REALLY want me to I can take a pic, but I think we all know what these parts look like. :lol:

I also have some SF Anniversary stick parts and some used Happ stuff if the buyer is interested and wants to save on shipping…