Tekken 5 and DR

hmmm no post for tekken??? well for those of u dont recognise my name its b/c im usually on the mlg/namco forums or my tekken lords group on facebook.com. well from what the idiots on mlg say many people associated with evo have grudges with mlg from their first partnership in 2005. can anyone fill me in or denounce this theory of theirs. ive been trying to get mlgpro to host tekken as one of their games again for almost 2yrs and they believe there arent enough tekken addicts out there. maybe its true as i didnt really see any posts on it. are there any addicts on this site?? if so please join my facebook group tekken lords-dedicated to getting tekken globaly recognised as a professionally played game. it is new and needs key members to join. i also hope to bring together a couple of the forum sites for this cause. let me know what you all think. also aim me at sumewhatsane

they believe that for the same reason as you, you dont look. there is a dr thread here. search for it. its only gotta be on like page 2 or somethin, and there is a whole website dedicated to tekken. tekkenzaibatsu.com, where people are always setting up tournaments and gatherings and playin tekken.

If you want to talk tekken go to tekkenzaibatsu.com. Please use paragraphs and punctuations as well, k thx.

Tekken isnt a professionaly played game… as the above poster stated this would be better viewed on TZ.

You know there is a DR thread here, learn to use the search function.


I don’t think Evo 2005 has anything to do with this issue. Taking on a new game involves a lot of issues with personel, promotion/sponsors, etc…

Sometimes a game is good, but not good for a certain organization, like just because Counterstrike has a million players doesn’t mean evo should run it, and the existence of a ton of tekken players doesn’t mean that mlg (primarily a halo league) should be running tekken.

This is why it’s good for people to continue starting up and running their own tournaments, at lower levels you can try out whatever you want, halo and marvel, smash and 3s, melty blood and madden… without all the overhead that the larger leagues have to go through.

Having the guys that said Super Turbo looks like an SNES game run Tekken? If they can’t understand the depth behind an OG SF game they probably shouldn’t run any fighting game ever.

Oh god… 2k5 with the Halo thing, that was classic…

and DevilJin 01 speaks the truth!