Tekken 2: Hollywood Still Doesn't Get It - The Movie


I’m glad Jon Foo stayed away from this one

FUCK! Fights looks decent but FUCK. FUCK!

How this dude Furious Negro didn’t post the 1st trailer is beyond me.
It can still kick rocks though.

There was only one vid on the IMDB page, so I linked that vid.

It looks more like a late 90’s tv show than a movie

Tekken has the material to make a decent movie, why do they keep fucking it up?

Hollywood will not animate a grown man throwing a child off of a cliff, because he was “testing him”.

Eh, the first Tekken movie wasn’t even that bad. Sure, it wasn’t 100 % faithful to the canon of the games, but at least most characters resembled their in-game counterparts, it did not have any cringeworthy moments like the Rugal in rollerskates scene from KOF, and the fight scenes were decently choreographed for the most part. If we were to disconsider the Tekken name and its characters, I think it would still be a fairly average martial arts flick. And it’s not like other official Tekken adaptations are better written anyway.

Oh, and they gave Christie some delicious ASS CLEAVAGE in the movie, which is always a plus in my book.

Hollywood Tekken was about 50000x better than Blood Vengeance. The former was about fighting, Jin, and Heihachi. The latter was about shitty Japanese storytelling and one good fight scene.

Is this new film a sequel to the original?

Why does this exist?

WHITE Christie.

Also, Jin was in a broke ass neighborhood fighting over ORANGES AND COFFEE. TO SOME NIGGA cough @SWBeta‌ :mad:

Funniest moment besides Steve also being a bum was Kazuya fucking both Williams sisters.

Hey let’s add Yoshi, Eddy, Raven, Dragunov, and some Miguel cosplayer in this too proving we know what we’re doing. :coffee:


P.S. That Kaz/Jun gif is so hilariously depressing

No really, Hollywood Tekken is Schindler’s fucking List compared to what Harada thinks is great filmmaking.

:mad: NOOOOOOOOOOO! :mad:


Why the FUCK would the cunts who made this piece of shit just watch the fucking thing? Like go “OH JESUS LOOK AT THIS SHIT I THINK THEY MIGHT HATE IT???”

Man… really wanna stab every pissant involved in making this shit, in the face, WITH MY DICK! :mad:

Just make another CGI

Seriously guys, the CG movie is awful.


Tekken 2? Maybe it will moon jump to somewhere in the universe where we’ll never see it.

The Cg movie was corny but at least it was actually Tekken, retarded pandas, demons, and robot bitches and all. Thats what tekken is about. Not stupid white people doing shitty generic kung fu shit that looks like it came from the 80’s.

Tekken live action was some of the most enjoyable crap I’ve seen.

idc all i want is more christie booty and maybe more

Lets be honest if you know the Tekken Cannon, which I unfortunately do, it is pretty ass. It is definitely not the best of storytelling.