Tek-Innovations Plexi-Panel question

if I order the Plexi-Panel, will I be able to place custom artwork and the plexiglass on top with the buttons still being funtional firmly in place?

are you talking about the plexi-panel replacement then no

the standard plexi is for art and yes with all the options buttons will function correctly

ok, lemme clear this up.

alright, thing is I ordered the Soul Calibur V stick in haste, trying to get that 60 dollar off ECT deal, not knowing that the layout is different than from the TE sticks. so I need to change the Metal Panel in order to have a standard Vewlix layout. I ordered a metal panel from a different company, but apparently it takes months just to ship, and i didn’t know this. so i am going to get the Plexi-glass replacement. thing is, i want to put artwork and a plexiglass cover ON TOP of that plexi-glass replacement to the stock Soul Calibur metal panel. so the sandwich will be Plexiglass Replacement - Artwork - Plexiglass cover. now, will everything be in place firm and functional?

I’m confused, the SCV stick is just like a Madcats TE I thought. The button layout its self is different just like the MvC2 version which is what I have, but I don’t see what you mean by replacing the metal panel. You should just be able to swap the buttons to the 30mm hole you want…Unless of course this is not what you mean at all.

no it will be too thick

first off what you should do is post a wtb TE panel I would say try to trade it but your too new you have to be here for 6 months and 50 posts It should not be too difficult to find some who has one

it has the namco noir layout its more like the old Hrap sega layout

the SCV stick button layout is more slanted and arched than a standard vewlix/TE layout, and the Stick is further to the left than a standard as well. i will find that uncomfortable.

Yeah I just googled some images of it, looks like they got the more of a curve to them. Strange I never noticed that till now.

i’ve been a member for a year, i just dont post much. i have about 32 posts. ehhh, fugg it… i’ll just see if i can return it. this is way too much hassle.

Now that I understand what you are referring to. Id say fudge the artwork, go for the clear plexi look on top, slap some LED’s in that bitch and light it up. You got a good deal, id just go for the mod.