Techniques for Rcing blanka's ball

Those experimented players, please give some advice/techniques for Rcing blanka’s ball. I can do RC electricity 85% of the time, but for some reason I can’t roll cancel the damn Ball. If I am lucky, I can roll cancel 1-8. Any help will be appreciated. Hand positioning etc…will be very helpful.


Hey man, I’ll try to help you out here. Most of the time when I’m trying to RC charge moves, I tap jab+short while holding back, then do a quick half-circle forward, then tap fierce for the RC. If you want to do the half-circle slower, you should hit jab+short later in the motion. If you’re charging down-back, just hit jab+short right before you roll the joystick to forward. RCing it that way is a lot like RCing a quarter-circle move.

Thanks for your advice Matt. I’ll try it tonight if I have a chance. Thanks man.


i think i read it from

it doesnt really matter what you input as long as there is a charge for 1.5 seconds or two, not exactly sure for how long, and a forward+punch input

so, charge back for two seconds, tap down +LP+LK, roll a fireball and hit fp, it becomes as easy as rc’ing a qcf or qcb motion which is really easy because its just d+roll, df, f+fp/fk

try it like that a few times, it might work for you cuz it works for me

i just cant rc electricity, i hit it a few times, just not enough

Thanks man. I’ll try that thing. You know, I tried the input thing, but I culdn’t figure out a thing. I didn’t even understand the input thing hahahaha I can RC fireballs like 95% of the time. Charge moves are better now. I can RC guiles Sonics like 90%, but I don’t know why I can’t do the same for Blanka and Bisons. That sucks.

Good shit fellas

Damn i could roll cancel charge moves at like 10% before and after you guyz’ advice i can do it like 90% now. Good shit. good advice helping gamers everywhere. The quarter circle motion instead of back to forward works excellent. Thanks

the hcf motion / down-back charge to qcf is awesome. i never tried to seriously RC before … and with those tips i can get over 60% on blanka’s ball within the first 15 minutes of practicing.

hah, i had the same probably as you ryumexicano. i can do rc elec, but i can’t do rc ball. if someone jumps in, i have to try to RC elec to save my own ass(against like chunli or whoever).

the thing is, i can rc ball pretty easily too(i’ve been doing the hcf/qcf motion since i started doing RCs. but in a real match, i never get it out consistantly, then i gave up. the problem i think i faced was probably because i was too nervous or too dependant on RC ball to save me from taking damage. and after RC ball failed me once or twice, i wont’ get the timing down anymore in that match.

After reading your guys’ tips it helped me a lot with Guile’s RC Sonic Booms. BTW, how do you RC Blanka’s Electricity? Same with other rapid tap moves…

:hp: , :mp: , :lp: , :lp: + :lk: , :hp:


:lp: , :mp: , :hp:, :lp: + :lk: , :hp:

i can’t RC electrity at all yet …any tips? is it fast? really fast? slow? mid?

its fast… there was a vid somewhere around here that showed the hands and the video of the screen, kinda like a demo, lol.