Teching Throws

so say you’re crouch blocking a string of links and the guy just does a throw.

how exactly do you ensure that you always tech their throw AND also block their strings of attacks?
i find if i keep on pressing lp+lk while holding block it’ll either cause me to unblock (because a lk or lp comes out) or i get thrown and no tech occurred.

what is the proper technique? to anticipate it and press it at the correct time? or continuously press it ? sorry for the noob question. thanks!!

Quick reaction and a break in the link should give you a heads up

Time your lp+lk to their blockstring rhythm.

ah so its more of a timing thing compared to a lp+lk spam fest

Yeah, if you just mash OS throw, and they realize you are, they can block string, stop, shoryuken your cr lk. So, like the guy said, time your techs with their rhythm.