Tech Romancer

wow! a tech romancer discussion thread!

I love this game, probably in my top 5 favorite fighters of all time, although admittedly i never played it at a very high level, as i wasnt into the competitive fighting scene way back when, but i played this game to DEATH. i even solved every single little non-fighting game related puzzle thing, unlocked all the stupid unlocks that take forever, beat all the vmu minigames–

i would love to see this game get a re release on xbla with online play, but probably would never happen.

its too bad capcom seems to have forgotten about this franchise, and that it only saw one release, the characters and world were great designs imo

i was hoping a tech romancer mech might make it into TvC as a giant, but didnt happen. at least we got them in one of the endings!

i’ve been trying to find video of high level tech romancer play, with no luck. i’ve heard keits mention in IRC that wiseduck is top in that game, which i cant argue with, but makes some sense, he was one of my favorites along with pulsion–

What do you want from me

/end thread.


Love this game. Would love to see a tier list at least or learn high level. I would have put Wiseduck bottom…but doesn’t he have an infinite or something?

Seeing as how much I love Super Robots and bought a DC for this game alone (I had the game before a DC actually), would love to learn more about the high level play.