Teams Tournaments for 3s SF4 (BB Singles, ST?) @ Denjin Arcade 3/7

3s is a 3v3
Pokemon style
$1 Entry
Finals is 2/3 sets

SF4 is 2v2
Pokemon style
$1 entry
Single elimination
3/5 rounds

BB is singles
$1 entry
Single elim
3/5 rounds

ST can always be accommodated, so post up if there is interest.
Also if anyone has any concerns over whether a game should or shouldn’t be ECONOMY BLOWZ rules, post up as well.

Sign ups at 7 PM
Tournament begins at 8 PM

Denjin Arcade is located at:
995 East Los Angeles Ave
Simi Valley, CA 93065

Damn, we should just make a thread that’s labeled Denjin Arcade Economy Blowz Weekly Tourneys. Just change the tourney every week… or why not make it some sort of ranbat?

-Tha Hindu

Me and some of the AZ crew will be in So Cal all weekend, so we might stop by for this.

I’d be willing to run BlazBlue, but it would probably be better if it was singles instead of teams.
$1 entry, 3/5 rounds, single elim.

Edit: Officially running BlazBlue as singles.

I’m pretty sure that me and megamanpb would show up and team up for ST if other ST peeps are going.

damn u guys and throwing tournies on UFC nights… i miss you guys. (might stop by…)

I’m not really sure who would run it, and who would show up, but I always like to make the offer regardless. I’d hate Cesar to feel left out.

:stuck_out_tongue: i love jesus!!!

oh yea i cant make this one i was there last weekend so im stuck at work tonight :frowning:

Denjin 4 Life!!!

I think I will be there, and I’ll try to bring the WW-T(Beguiler)