Team Scrubz SF--- The San Francisco, CA thread

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This is the thread for players of Riptide Arcade and other places of fighting mayhem here in San Francisco.

Now that that bullshit is outta the way, where are all the Tekken 5 players at?

Where is another arcade at besides the metron and the SF campus?

At Pier 39. All the way in the back by the carousel there’s Riptide Arcade (RTA). They have Tekken 4, Tekken 5, KOF Neowave, CvS2, and MvC2.

Most of the comp surrounds the Tekken 5 machine though and people don’t really play CvS2 or MvC2 as much there.

When do you guys play? Is there a guy who comes there looks like a crackhead and gots crazy skill with magneto in MVC2?

There’s some old bummy looking guy who is there almost everyday who plays MvC2, but his skill with Magneto is questionable.

I dunno, d00d.

I’m normally there fri/sat/sun as well as quite a few other peeps, but unless you play alot of Tekken or SNK games you may not like the place. The MvC2 and CvS2 have been moved to really obscure parts of the arcade where almost NOBODY will play them. :frowning:

seeing how it the holiday I’ll stop by after christmas on saturday if you want to kick my ass in tekken 5.

w0rd, man.

I’ll see you then or whatever. I’m working on getting the chain for my custom King. Hopefully the crew will be there and we can all take turns getting pwned by this one dude’s Raven.

AROUND FIVE GOOD FOR YOU, Jan 1 it is then Pier 39

SF has no 3S. :sad:

I don’t go to the Pier much, State’s CvS2’s whole stick panel freezes, how are the sticks/buttons at the Pier?

The buttons at pier are fine compared to the buttons on the CvS2 machine in SFstate :bluu:

And we need AT LEAST 1 3s machine in SF…I mean, 3 arcades and no 3s? That is an outrage!

The closest thing I’ve seen to street fighter 3 was the one in the 7eleven on Judah about 6 years ago.

I’ll bring SF3 up at the next LAB meeting and hopefully the owner, Pat, will take it to heart. He’s done everything else we asked him to thus far.

Sticks and pads work fine, but CvS2 is in a really shitty location of the arcade. I’ll see if I can’t get it moved closer to the Tekken 5 and the MvC2.

5 works for me. January 1st, 2005. Till then, I’m practicing King’s new chain throws. :tup:

Kings New chains cool. How would you rate the input command in terms of diffculty the bridge into the death lock, pineapple drop into the boston crab or the rolling death cradel.

Well first off, all of King’s new chain throws all start with Jaguar Step, which is neutral stick, 3+4.

You can see it comming from well over a mile away.

From that you can continue into Armor King’s old chain throw from Tag (3+4, 3+4, 1+2 to 3+4, 3+4, 1+2 again or 1, 1, 1+2.) or start his new chain throws from after the first input of
3+4, 3+4, 1+2.

He’s got one that from after the 3rd or even 4th slam, you can then chain the origional chain throw to giant swing or muscle buster finisher for up to !9! motha fuckin slams!!! Holy shit!

But as far as his new ones go… his corkscrew piledriver finisher to his new chain throws reminds me alot of the input for rolling death cradle. Don’t get me wrong, it does MAD damage in a single slam and often by then your opponent is dead anyway… but I was never really able to pull off RDC anyway and this one is harder. IMOA

His other ones are kinda simple. It took only 3 good tries to get the input for them. Now if only I could commit them to memory…

GOOD luck learning king. Is he the only character that your using? How does kazuya Play in 5

Same as last time only now they gave him a tail lol. His boss outfit from T2 is back hooray. He looks like the same old cheap as kazuya everyone loves, but I won’t use him let Intill I get this game the only characters I’m using are Jack and the kicking guy who’s name starts with a k. I can’t spell that name nor pronounce it right period.

they gave Kazuya master of the “wind god fist” a tail what is he a Sayian. Hope it doesn’t show in his purple pimp fit. if he’s the same as 4 I’ve got alot of praticeing to do.

He is I think has most of his T4 skills back but yes his tail is in his purple outfit lol sorry man to bring more bad news like that but it’s better you know now then finding out when you use him at the arcade lol. maybe it was optional with thoose T5 cards Hopefully it was if not lol it’s sayian KAZUYA forever in T5 lol.

oh no kazuya poor guy, It would be a plus if you could use the tail as a weapon and it had invisable sprits so it couldn’t get him knocked out of moves. I bet they kept Heihachi in his diaper from 4 LOL.

Is the ducking 1 still the main poke?

Man Heiachi is dead in T5 even though the boss looks like Heiachi it’s really his father Jinpachi. No more Heiachi at all suckers. Well really Heiachi is in SC2 so if they do bring him back maybe a cross-over with soul calibur and tekken. YEAH I can see that now, yoshimistu future vs yoshimistu past that would be crazy or Inferno vs Devil :rofl: this would be GREAAAT. :slight_smile:

I would like to see nightmare vs ogre or true ogre. Who do you think would win out of Nina vs Ivy. I’d say Nina a couple of triple kicks to get close then multi- throw.