Team Scrub

What’s the best way to deal with this team? My team is Storm/Sent/Cyke and IM/sent/cykes.
I know i should pressure with storm but i’m still a novice with her.

Team scrub really is a joke team unless u’re playing wong. I’m embarrassed everytime i lose to that team (usually because I’m fatigued from beating 10 other scrubs).

Basically TS is a chip, wait till u get annoyed so u rush with abandon and leave a nice opening for several AHVBs and HSFs team.

A joke and chip team? :confused:

Team scrub is the best team for cable, period. It punishes any mistake or random assist fuckup like no other.

Sentinel isn’t a character that can only chip, or wait for mistakes. He can rush, play high low, and again, punish assists.

Maybe you need better competition.

:confused: :confused:

I guess MSP is also a joke team unless u’re playing soo.


Storm/Sent/Cyke can beat Scrub.

If you start Sent, it’ll be Sent/Storm/Clops against Sent/Cable/Commando.

All you have to do is go 1:1 with his characters and you have the upperhand since Storm > Cable…

Just watch out for Commando obviously and jumping back Cable with drones.

That av is too good. :lol:

Team Scrub is the shit. It’ll have a tough time against some Storm/Sent based teams and Strider/Doom, but other than that, it still holds it own.

People generally think Cable is shit. Cable is still good if played properly. On this team, don’t underestimate him.

team scrub = rape = cheap:o :o :o

Team scrubs messes up my Sim like no other. Block and spam CapCom assist hits Sim`s limbs.

I have to build bar and use Cable usually to burn CapCom or at least one point character off before I can do anything. For me, kill scrub is all about either the snapback, or baiting an assist and burning it`s ass with Cable.

Scrub Cable (like most Cables) will run… unless your name is Rodolfo… then you rush and bust out magnus-like combos somehow. If youre anyone else, though... Itll change the match a lot if you can burn a character (assist). Its a whole lot different when Cable needs to rush for damage than just run. You can kick Cables ass still with Sim, but it involves baiting, waisting some assist life, and burning some bars.

All in all… I hate team scrub. I have to learn to beat it better with Sim teams. For me, the easiest way to beat it is with Mag/Psy… snap back to that cap@n corridor bitch-whore and own him first.


Team Scrub is not just awful and it can still work, but its main weakness is that its best way of dealing with the rush is to have Sentinel on point, which leaves you with a serious liability if he gets snapped out for Commando. Against most Team Scrub players, that’s basically game over right there. Cable then becomes a liability – not, as some people who don’t have a bleeding clue how to play Cable against the rush for love or money would have you believe, but because there’s no clean and safe DHC to get Commando off of point if Cable is the middle char.

However, if you know how to play Commando on point effectively enough not to panic, this doesn’t have to be a freebie even at that. Exhibit A for this, of course, is Genghis v. Wigfall at Evo 2k3’s team tournament. For me personally, right about now I’m remembering the time when I got my own Commando snapped in (albeit I was playing BH/Cable/Commando), proceeded to hit the opposing Magneto with two seperate full damage Captain Swords off of Cable-B, and then when the opponent finally hit him, he snapped him back out again. On purpose. In a tournament grand finals. So… yeah, I don’t panic for free if I get my Commando snapped in, either.

However, even if your Commando is good, it’s pretty much beyond reasonable dispute that it’s still a liability to the team, since you’d obviously rather have someone besides Commando on point against Magneto in most cases. As a result, most serious players that used to play Team Scrub are now playing Sent/Storm/Commando, due to the fact that Commando has a safe DHC to get either of the other two chars in on point. I’m personally using Sent/BH/AAA for most matchups on similar grounds.

start cable on team scrub variations


Its the only way :clap:

im having trouble with this team more than others. i usually play with jug/cable/sent (i try to get a headcrush then glitch and tag so thats why jug is on point)

i use that team mainly with the msp scrub teams. they rush and i just block and take chip and wait for an opening to headcrush…

now that my defense of jug is over:

this guy uses team scrub and just flies with sent and then protects with capcom. so im in a corner and cant do a whole lot. ive tried using cyclops and that worked a tad better but i dont know what to do. the guy is good, better than me but im just trying to stay competitive.

i can use cable, sent, jugs, guile, akuma, cyclops, storm, servebot and cap commando … all fairly well. any help?

Forgive me for asking this, but just what exactly is Team Scrub?

Cable/Sent/Capcom - its an easy high teir team to use at a decent level and so was giving the name ‘team scrub’

is there a team n00b too ??? :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably Dan/Roll/Servbot.