Team question

I’m working on a new team and would like to hear some feedback on it’s feasibility.

Team Pseudo-Rowtron

Guile (AAA)/Cable (AAA)/Sent (Drones)

The thing I want to know is if this team would be ok with only one good assist (the drones). I had been using Team Scrub for 5 years so I’ve grown accustomed to having Capt Comm’s monster assist and wonder if this would affect my Sent gameplay (as in will it completely relegate it to being the third charc seeing that the other 2 assist are quite crappy.)

I would also want to know a good third character for a Nash/Guile team. I’ve been using Jin (AAA) so far but I’m wondering is there better options. Thanks.:wgrin:


That’s a good team.

If you start that order you arent gonna have even a semi-safe DHC :looney:

I recommend Guile/Sent/Cable

This way, you can DHC off a hit confirmed of blocked super and still get Guile out/Sent in safely. Cable also stays in the back, so once you get 3 bars you can punish all kinds of random stuff with counterxxAHVB. You could always run Cable/Sent/Guile, but thats not near as awesome as starting Guile. :lovin:

I like cable\sent\guile and iirc, this is josh wong’s team back in the day. I think this was around 02-04 and he was really good with it. He even played guile\charlie\sent if my memory serves me right.

Yep, he was real good with that team. Guile assist is incredibly annoying and stops fly-back Sentinel. Guile assist basically covers as much or more screen area than CC assist (except it’s not vertical, which is more useful with the exception of against Sentinel), halts rushdown like cable-b, and it cuts through doom. Makes you wonder why guile is not used more…

agreed :tup:

i was gonna post that but I wasn’t quite sure but yea, guile AA will hit sentinel in flight mode as long as your character is grounded. Very annoying for sentinel to deal with. A while back, I was into combining top tier teams with low tier characters and I played a lot of s\s\ken\ryu and s\s\guile and the 3 we’re surprisingly good. Ken AA is mad annoying when used right and as you said, guile to beat sentinel flight games is actually pretty useful. Ryu has ghetto ahvb tricks where he can do alpha counter in AA, cancel air qcf+pp, cancel hail\hsf which is pretty good life on with hail DHC.

I don’t know why players stopped picking guile AA either. Mixup said he didn’t like the blockstun AA off of it when I used to run those weird odd ball teams.

One word answer why Commando replaced Guile: Storm

Btw, can anyone tell me if a Tiger-knee Crossfire Blitz is actually safe to pull? It looks relatively fast to recover but so far I haven’t used Guile against a tough opponent so I’m not too sure how safe it actually is.

If you hit a ground chain, call an assist and hit confirm into that shit?

there’s some type of TK cancel like cable’s ahvb. I think its close s.rh, Tk, qcf+kk

Not safe unless you have your assist back you up like Doom but people can still get around it.

I don’t recommend using it outside of an air combo.

on sent and a few other characters u can xx from a jump in hp or hk

If you land a fierce and then the super misses and causes dash over, the opponent can call assist from behind and combo from the assist or super.

Also if you land a jump in hp or hk better to just launch (or dash in and then launch if not close enough) and do magic into super. If your reaction time is really godlike you can actually do a flash kick and cancel it into super and have it connect but you need the super to be already out the second the flash kick connects.

Guile/Charlie with Sent Proj is pretty beastly, check out djb13’s charlie video for sent proj set ups: [media=youtube]CKmtqdSZLcc[/media]
I use charlie aa, sent proj, cable quite a bit.

Can anyone do a fast fly combo with charlie or guile’s aa?