Team Hyper Combo/Chip Teams

Really got into using THC teams recently. Wait for that vunerable moment and hit them with the Triple Supers.

Just wondering:

Any players known for just using THC teams?
Dao and Vidkill for example.

What members are good for a chip team?
BBHood seems to always there, the chip on Cruel Hunting is crazy.

Has a THC based team ever got far in a tournament? Or are they too gimmicky?

Any info would be appreciated :china:

gief/hulk/jugg :love:

I use Jugg/BB/Thanos every so often. THC does massive damage, especially after jugg glitch.

i think the most chip you can do is bbhood/cyke/spiral(on punch assist) with thc. i could be wrong but i doubt it. and yes, these teams are “gimmicky” to say the least.

bbhood/anakaris (ground assist) can do some crazy damage/chip by themselves

maybe add sonson (projectile assist) for her to go big monkey during the thc. craaazzzy chip

Jugg/Hulk provides a good THC mix. I use it sometimes to kill a healthy assist.

In general, THCs are gimmicky. You have to have the meter to spare; most people find other uses for their meter.

Hulk is really good for a THC, because he covers the sky better (easier to hit a flying Sent/Storm).

Had a match where I was hit out of the BBHood/Cyke part of the THC (since it has barely any invincibility) by psylocke AAA. Mags dashed up to me, ready to tri-jump me to death. Seconds later Hulk slams down from the sky and kills the recovering Psylocke AAA and takes mag to half health :lol:

With hulk you are better off waiting to see a vulnerable assist and doing gamma crush to DHC to wtver. Normally does more dmg than THC"s… very very few attacks will stop hulk before he gets to the assist as well so its not eay to get around.

Against annoying sent drones, doom rock spam, or other similar assists just crush the assist and then DHC to proton cannon, head crush, or something else mean. Imagine the look on your opps face when you wipe out his assist in 3 seconds using only 2 bars.

Team vidkill might be the best in terms of THC’s but it’s got no good AAA. That’s really the issue with THC’s… better off finding a devastating 2 bar combo… and saving that third slot for an assist that can help you.

Currently I’m using Hulk/BBHood/Cyclops for the assist for a THC team. Plus Cyke/Hood can build up meter hella fast. Then there’s still a good THC when you see that assist :lovin:

But yeah, I know it’s better to hit confirm it, then DHC, but it’s good when you’re fighting against someone keeping away Hulk really well. (or Cable, whos gonna AHVB after you Crush the assist)

Plus it’s fun going for a two button team :looney:

As a fun team I run spiral/silver sam/ and doom. Its a team designed for smart defense and radical chip. The goal is to build 5 levels for silver sam and let him assist kill/ do mega chip with his 3 ninja star special.

By no means would I throw this team out against someone good, but it is a lot of fun to play as!

Not much keeps away from hulk very well. Just gotta learn the tricks. Using hulk is a bit of a mind game once you master assist crushing. Their point will have to start coming to you…

Cable can’t ahvb if you dhc after the last hit of the crush… to something safe…

but against cable… you can gamma charge xx g.crush like most of his moves from full screen… so he’s sorta different. Best to be patient and wait for your chance to charge xx crush DHC to wtver on him strait up…

Getting more off-topic here, but do you have XBL? I wanna get some tips in against my scrubby Hulk :lovin:

Sorry… only psn. I got friends with xbox… but they don’t have a stick… and the xbox controller is just… no…

I’d be happy answer any questions in the hulk threads… or if you have footage of yourself in matches I’d offer whatever I can in terms of tips.

If you want to bet on “the future of hulk” ignore of lot of what’s in there at first and work strait away on the launcher,, delay, crossup fwd+fp stuff… its 90% dmg solo if they don’t block the x-up… and a free air throw to OTG xx crush for 90% if they do block.

All off topic so I’ll shut up about it. :looney:

I run with Ruby Heart/BB Hood/Juggernaut on xbl sometimes. In all honesty, I’m not too great with BB Hood and ABSOLUTELY SUCK with Juggernaut. But the THC is insane and Ruby Heart builds great meter while chipping at the same time.

I don’t run this, but I saw this before and it’s retarded:
Iron Man (Beta)
BB Hood (Alpha)
War Machine (Alpha)

Team is majorly lacking in certain departments. No solid AAA for one. DHC teams are ok but I don’t think this one survives long enough to pull out its gimmick. Even if you pull it out… none of the three come out instantly so a simple jab at point blank will actually stuff them all at once. Also all three of their hypers have recovery… meaning if they whiff and you wind up behind them… you can literally kill their whole team for free.

I’d like to see you jab Iron Man’s super.

lol, don’t mind titan…he’s always saying silly stuff like that.

just talking as if players are just going to totally throw these things out at random…or even in less than perfect situations :looney:

im/hood/wm in any order is a beastly team. you might not even need THCs. and you can so easily connect off some pokes.

eh… most of the time its obviously not going to be a jab beating you out. its gonna be mando, psy, ect…

Replace WM for Hulk or Juggs and I’m game…

Spiral… even better.

Tron, BBhood, Warmachine do so much chip, get 3 bars and chill. The damage is really insane on block