Team Gen Club

Would anyone be interested in helping me create a “Team Gen” Facebook group? I am a NorCal Gen, and I plan on competing more than ever this year now that USF4 is out! Would love to interact and communicate at a more efficient level, with whatever Gen players are left standing on the planet.

It would be a great opportunity for us to strengthen our community!

I was a part of a “Team Vega” facebook group that is highly successful. They are circulating tons of footage, tech, open dialogue, and support! They speak on recent tourney results and promote tourney participation. They also exchange user IDs for their platforms to hold online training sessions as well!

Anyone interested? New and seasoned players alike.

EDIT:Below, is the link to the Facebook group if you are having issues finding it through the “Search” function!

I would be interested in this, I feel like its been a bit overdue compared to other characters.

VERY much overdue. This Vega Group that I am currently in is BLOWING UP with new tech and vids for USF4. This is exactly what our small Gen community needs. If we can get a few more people, then we can start this up and start inviting people.

I’m interested in this.

I’ve been in an SRK group for Rose for like the last 2 years or so and it’s been great. I’d mostly use the Gen group for matchup tips.

Do you happen to play Gen by any chance?

Of course. In vanilla Gen was my secondary, then they changed him completely so I stopped playing him in Super and AE. Picked him back up in 2012 and I used him for a few matchups I didn’t feel comfortable with Rose. I’ve been playing Gen more and more lately, so I’ve thought about playing him full time. The issue is that there are a few matchups I have clue what to do with him (mostly Yun, Dhalsim, the mirror).

Perfect, do you plan on maining him in Ultra? I mean this in the kindest way possible, but I am trying to assure that it is strictly a “Gen Main” group you know? Secondary works too, I guess. I think you know what I mean haha.

Do either of you guys know of any other Gen players to notify? I am actually learning from a notable Gen player up here in NorCal. His name is Nu, but also goes by a few other handles: Nubbz, Nubbi, NU. I plan on filling him in on this as well.

nu is the best sensei you can have.

I agree. I have sessioned with him a few times, and have known him prior to Street Fighter. He is a very intelligent player.

Interested in helping me out with this Ugo? You have been on the Gen boards for quite a while, so I am sure you can help me with the networking.

Id be interested in this. Made an acc just to comment :stuck_out_tongue: played gen since vanilla.

Ok no problem

Looks like I have the support I need to make the group. Let me get things started up! I will gather names and send invites once I have the basis of the facebook page prepared.

I believe you can have multiple admins as well, so we can discuss that as well.

I will update you guys in a bit! At work right now :slight_smile:

Ok guys! Facebook Group was created under “Team Gen”. Just log in on facebook and search for the group on the search bar. Then, simply send a “Join Request”. I made myself and Nu an admin, and we will accept the requests. Other admins will be anointed as soon as we get the group up and running! I’ll be looking forward to you guys sending in the requests!

p.s. someone find or create a sick Gen cover photo/banner HAHA

I cant find this Group page on Fb

It should be under “Team Gen”. That’s odd that you can’t find it. If it doesn’t show up, just message me your name and I will send you a request.

plz give us a link to your group…

Yeah i cant find it either

He gave it in his first post:

Link is added to the original post! Thanks guys. i’ll add you guys immediately!

Yeah i’ll join, i’d like to get some more Gen knowledge. Gen is the main man!

My name is Josh.

Don’t reject me.